Is it legal to ship via DHL A PIECE OF jewelry into USA


I'm dealing with this issue as well, I need to ship a piece of jewellery to a US based jeweller from Canada for repair and would love any help.

ETA- sorry I'm not of any help Cherokee Girl


The Pink Orchid
I don't think anything is illegal but there are good and bad ways to do it.

FedEx and UPS don't cover jewelry. If you ship it and they loose it, you are out of luck! Their insurance policies don't cover it. It's up to you to carry your own private insurance.

USPS will cover jewelry but you need to have all your ducks in a row as far appraisals etc.... When it goes international there are different rules but you can get all that info on the USPS website.

mmascall- the best option for you would be for whomever you are sending your piece to, to send you a label made from their account. That way if anything happened you would be covered under their policy. (If they are willing that is)

Cherokee Girl- where is it coming from?
Hi there. Turns out it was ok to do - she sent it out DHL yesterday from Hong Kong and it is already in Cinn, OH! wow!

* did not know USPS didn't cover jewelry - they let me insure for well over 1000 before? I believe the bill of sale for the buyer's purchase was sufficient for documentation - they did say it need to be packed with enough protection for the item...that sort of thing. When I shipped a ring via UPS - I could not seal the box - they had to do that - so they could see the item was in the box. These things were shipped within the USA though. I think if they take the insurance money - they need to cover it though :0(


The Pink Orchid
It all depends on the amount of the piece, how detailed the bill of sale is, if the piece is generic or if it's a one of a kind from the 20's etc....

They basically require you to prove to them that the value is what you are submitting a claim for. If you are shipping a $10,000 ring, then a $75 appraisal just in case is probably worth it and something USPS would want. If it's a $1000 ring and you have an eBay/PayPal transaction to show them, I would think they would be ok with that.