BTD Crown Jewel
Winfield's is proud to introduce! A labor of love months in the making, AmoraBridal is dedicated to creating beautiful bridal jewelry featuring the Amora Gem of all cuts. It's an easy to navigate site, and even has a customer gallery so our clients can proudly show off their Amora Gem creations. You can visit the site here:


The Pink Orchid
Lookin' good! Some of the links w/ the pictures on the main page though (earrings, for example), when you click just go to a page showing that picture, not to the website page for that product.

Nice to see the expansion!
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BTD Crown Jewel
Thank you for the head's up on that MissCassie. I'll have to ask the webmaster about that. We've simplified the categories to be much easier to navigate...rings are broken down into three sections: solitaires, side stone rings, and band style rings. Other Jewelry is pendants and earrings. I'm going to be adding more pieces as we go and as I find cool new things, but it's been insane with the holiday season.


BTD Crown Jewel
It is a gorgeous ring. I personally love the story behind it. Single mother put herself through law school, and she graduated when the baby was 2! The Faye was her reward to herself when she got her JD.