I'm sure this has been asked before....

But after much searching, I cannot find the answer...yes, I'm new (lol) but have a few new lovelies to share and don't know how to post pictures?!? Someone please explain or post a link...many thanks!!
I use imgur to upload pics, when you have uploaded your pics to your imgur account click the picture you want and it will give you the url for you to post pics on a message board, you can also use photobucket.

Here is a thread that talks about posting pics.
You must either shrink them down to whatever the size limit here is, then <span style="text-decoration: underline">using Full Reply Screen mode</span>, there's a File Manager blue link below the post box that lets you browse for pics and upload them.

Otherwise, they have to be uploaded to Photobucket, or Picasaweb, or some other photo site, and you can use
and make them display.