I'm so confused! H&A moissy vs FB vs Diamonna...


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Re: composition - I don't see a study above in this thread but happy to discuss. Can you start a new thread expressly on it though so the info doesn't get buried under this longer thread?
The short answer though is 50:50 is crystal perfection. Natural may go to one extreme or the other in ratio, but it would affect it's optical properties for the worse and is likely the result of not enough of one atom relative to the other so it's making do with environmental shortcomings (think wild plant vs greenhouse...). All 250+ Silicon Carbide crystal types will ideally be 50:50, it's the layering and stacking that then affects their physical/optical/mechanical properties much like graphite vs diamond...same composition,very different properties.
We control carbon/silicon by using two separate carrier gasses for each atom type, and then a couple other 'mixer' gasses that don't get involved inside the crystal but help ensure ideal distribution and thus composition during growth.

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Sorry I had posted the study links on a different thread (I assumed it was on this thread), so I've reposted everything on a new thread here Atomic Composition Ratio of Amora Gem vs Natural Moissanite

I think your reply pretty much answers what I was trying to figure out, thanks :)