So - tonight I tried on 8+ dresses and this particular dress I had had bookmarked on my computer for the last 3+ months. It said it was ONLY sold ONLINE and that it had been discontinued AGES ago. They only had select sizes left. Got to the store and saw the ONLY ONE in the building. And guess what? EXACTLY MY SIZE. Talk about FATE, huh?!?!

Tried on the first dress - meh. Tried on this dress 2nd and LOVED it - and literally ALL the women in the store gushed over it and just said OMG THAT IS PERFECT. THAT IS THE ONE. GET IT. NOW. Tried on the other dresses - none of them did it for me the way this one did.

So tonight I went to ONE place to try on dresses and left with my dress, slip, veil and hairpiece! The dress itself was originally $500 and was on final clearance for only $250!!! And if I wear my usual heels I DON'T NEED A SINGLE ALTERATION other than the bustle created.

The flowery hair piece will stay on during the reception, the veil will only be worn during the ceremony. And right now my beautiful dress is tucked away in the closet for safe keeping

I am SO excited! It's PERFECT!!!! SO without further adieu - here's the photos!!!


Ignore the price tags!
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What a beautiful bride!!!! Love the dress, love the hair piece, LOVE the price! Girl, you got a great deal on the perfect gown! Congrats.. I can't wait to see the wedding pics:)
Thanks ladies! I ended up shelling out just under $500 (which is what I had planned on spending on the dress alone!) for everything I got

The wedding is going to be a Parisian theme and this dress just fit SO perfectly, especially with the soft gold color for my evening ceremony
The wedding isn't until August 17th 2012, so it'll be a while yet
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Thank you Sparklee!!!

I'm SO excited to wear it but now it's going to sit in the bag in a closet for the next oh - 11 months LMAO
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it is gorgeous and looks perfect on you. I especially love the warm color and how is flows and lays just perfect!
Simply wonderful.
Thank you all so much! Now I just gotta make sure I don't gain or lose weight over the next year
hahaha luckily I've stayed approximately this size for the last 5-6 years, so I SHOULD be OK
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This is an amazing dress and if you don't tell the price the dress wont... Such a gorgeous design.... I love everything about it.... You make such a beautiful bride.....
You look gorgeous! A radiantly beautiful bride. I love everything about the dress, the color, the style, the fit, everything is just perfect for you. That dress was meant for you. Congratulations! I have recently been wedding dress shopping with my best friend, and wow, what a bargain! Even at $500 - it looks like a much more expensive dress.

Looking forward to seeing your wedding pics in the future.
WOW, you look amazing in that gorgeous dress. It fits like a glove! Congratulations, looks like you spent a fortune on it!!! Congratulations with your find. Fate, no, you wanted it and got it... Watch "the secret" DVD...It will all become clear x
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Thank you so much ladies! I KEEP TEARING UP!!! I cannot believe I'm ACTUALLY GETTING MARRIED! We're putting the down payment on the hall today and we already booked our church. It's all just so surreal! I never thought I would actually get here. I love Greg SO much and he's so wonderful to me and Cheyenne. I am so excited about all of this!
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