I just got a yellow moissanite but it's more apple green!

I just got a ring and love it.... The design, the size of the center stone--an 8x6 mm radiant stone. The problem is that it's VERY VERY apple green in color. Outdoors it's mostly green with a little bit of yellow. Indoors it's a bright apple green. I'm so disappointed. It's a C&C stone that was acquired by the jeweler that made the ring. Can I get an exchange? I'm not sure from what I've read online. I wanted an actual yellow stone. :/ I hope you can see the attached pics. I would appreciate any input. I'm willing to purchase another stone elsewhere if it's...you know....yellow.


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Dana ♥

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the only yellow Moissanite i've seen in person (that i know of) was round, not a radiant, but it was about that colour.

what kind of lighting do you have in your house? what colour is it under different types of lighting - like halogen or LED?

if you aren't happy with it, talk to the jeweler you bought it from to see what your options are - and i'd suggest taking along some pictures of what your idea of a yellow stone is so they know what you're in the market for.


I agree with Dana's suggestions. On my monitor your pics actually appear a bright canary yellow - I've never seen yellow moissy IRL so not sure what it should look like but def go back to your jeweller.


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These look like the C&C yellow that have been produced for the last little while. They have a distinct green tinge to them.
The 1st pic reminded me of sphene, the second pic looks more normal. Maybe take some more pics in different lights. It's a neat stone though!