Hi girls,

I wanted to update and share that I have lost 10 lbs in the under 2 months I've been off of my thyroid medication.

Seems really odd to me that I was put on meds for hypothyroidism that made me gain weight. Then again, I'm no endocrinologist so who am I to question it I guess.

My doc says my levels reflect the need for the medication still but that I don't need to take them if I don't want to. Then she states (again) that I'm barely hypothyroid so it's not actually necessary. Super confused!!!

Seeing a new endo next Friday and maybe she can explain why I was on meds for years that made me gain weight and had side effects if it wasn't actually "necessary".

I'm grateful for a speedy weight loss as my poor little body was craving it!!

I think I still have a ways to go because I am 5'7 and weigh 148. My sister in law is 5'9 and weighs 135. To me, she looks great. Is 5'7 and 130 ish to small?
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btrflai said:
I think I still have a ways to go because I am 5'7 and weigh 148. My sister in law is 5'9 and weighs 135. To me, she looks great. Is 5'7 and 130 ish to small?
Ahhh-130-my dream weight! I don't think that is to small. I also think 5'7 and 148 is great! Congrats on your weight loss! That is odd though, I hope your new Dr. can shed some light on why that happened.

I am hypo as well. As is my mother. She read a study that said to not take the thyroid meds within an hour of drinking coffee. She said it does not allow the medication to work properly.

I used to take my synthroid with my coffee! I stopped that 2 months ago and have lost 7 pounds! That is the only thing different I have done. Of course I knew no FOOD-but coffee? It stinks to wait an hour, but I feel better and I don't mind being thinner!
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BTD Crown Jewel
I don't think it is too small, it depends on you though. I am 5'9", and 135 would be too small for me. It does not suit me at all and I would look emaciated. 145 is better for me, looks wise, and 145-150 I feel my best.
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Fantastic news that you are feeling so much better. Good luck with your new doctor, I hope you get answers.

I think it's hard to say what someone should weigh because you can have two people same height/same weight but one can be and look a lot flabbier and out of shape if the other one works out and has more muscle mass. Plus you could factor in big frame versus a small frame.

I am only 5'5" and I weigh around 130 - 132 pounds, so not to much less than your sister in law who is 4 inches taller than me. But I am very healthy, feel great and I don't have any flab. Of course I work out 6 days a week and have a very active lifestyle.
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GingerKaBluey said:
Did you know that taking coconut oil every day is supposed to be good for making your thyroid work better?
That is interesting. I love coconut oil on a slice of toast, there is something about that mix that I find so good. Coconut oil and it's benefits seems to be a hot topic in the past couple of years.
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EJill & jcent - I definitely agree that each person wears a set weight differently. I do A LOT of yoga so my body is very toned. I'm happy with my body except my lower legs. Silly, right? I feel like I have huge calf muscles. It bothers me!!! I mean it looks proportionate because I have a big booty (genetics). Does that make sense?

Anyways, I feel like I could still use losing sme weight here and there

Coconut oil for my thyroid you say, GKB? That's awesome because I have some here at the house. I shall try this out!
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I'm 5'3".. I like being at 110lb. I'm currently at 130lb. I'd be happy if I could meet myself halfway at 120lb. haha.

This darn medication is NOT making it happen though. I'm exercising like a fiend and eating raw foods and not one ounce has come off.
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The Black Orlov
Depends on how you are built. I have a lot of muscle and at 5'6 when I weigh 130 people start talking both behind my back and to my face worrying about me. But I have a larger frame and always look about 20 pounds less than I am. So for me 145 is perfect.

Numbers don't mean much because everyone carries it differently so I go by sizing. I feel best at a size 6. That's what I aim for.
It sounds to me like you are healthy. I don't know that losing more weight would make your calf muscles look smaller.

Ultimately the decision is yours, it's your body and you know best but I have to say I think women are too tough on themselves and too worried about the number on the scale.

I think most people would be happy if they stopped aiming for a certain number on the scale and instead aimed to live a healthy lifestyle and like what they see in the mirror. I only know my current weight because my friend who is on a weight loss journey wanted to see if the scale said the same weight each time I got on it because it was showing a different weight for her even if she stepped on it 3x in a row, it would be 3 different weights.

If my weight would have been 10 pounds higher that wouldn't have affected my happiness, I love my body and think it looks great, not just for someone my age but even for someone 20 years younger.
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GingerKaBluey said:
Did you know that taking coconut oil every day is supposed to be good for making your thyroid work better?
Coconut oil has 60% medium chain triglycerides (most oils consist of long chain triglycerides.) MCTs are metabolized differently than LCTs - they are more likely to be immediately burned off as fuel and raise the metabolic rate slightly so less is available to be stored in fat tissues.

However, coconut oil is also a saturated fat (92% saturated vs butter 63% saturated and beef 50% saturated) and very bad for your arteries and hence your heart. The research used in the media (and by Dr. OZ) is from a variety of small studies that used a special oil (formulated from coconut oil) that is 100% MCT and not available for purchase by the general public.

There is only one published study that tested whether the coconut oil readily available to consumers would have any beneficial effects, including weight loss - a masters thesis conducted in Brazil using 40 subjects. This research showed no effect on weight loss. There is also no good evidence that "virgin" coconut oil does less damage to your heart than conventional coconut oil.

Sometimes the media latches on to something and doesn't present all of the facts. While coconut oil is very tasty, it's purported health benefits are questionable and it could actually cause heart disease. Use with caution.
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Muscle plays such a big role in what a healthy weight is. My husband is very muscular and the BMI scale always says he is obese, but it's just all the muscle. I am 5'2" and 108, which feels perfect. I have been doing a weight-training program though, and put on 5lbs of muscle from that. Before weight training 103 felt perfect. I love the extra lbs so far and hope I can add some more with continued workouts. But yes, the scale is not necessarily the best way to judge. When I gain unwanted weight it always goes to my belly, so I just pay attention to that, and if my waistline starts to expand I feel blegh. I only WISH I could put on some lbs in the trunk and the bust, lol! I'd love to be a bit curvier, but it just doesn't happen that way for me when I put on weight.
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I was put on meds for a few months last year and they made me go from hypo to hyper... I felt soo sick on them too... then I stopped talking them and my TSH stabilized until this year again... this time my doctor told me to wait a couple of months and see if my thyroid goes back to normal because she thought it could be due to seasonal fluctuations... she also told me to make sure to eat iodized salt and avoid soy products... and she was right...
My next blood work was perfect... I also made sure to take vitamins (GNC brand) in the meantime and try to avoid stress...
Sometimes medications are the only option; however, I believe that often they cause even more problems...
There are also many homeopathic solutions for thyroid problems