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We've hit a new marker for the BTD website (now averages 3,000 visitors per day between the main website and the msg boards!) and so I wanted to post an open thread on how we can improve things. This is specifically for the retail website, not the message boards :)

I'd love to hear feedback from your initial first impressions of seeing the BTD website - was it hard to understand what Asha is, did you have a hard time navigating or understanding how to order an item, did you want more photos, etc? Basically, anything that caused you confusion or created questions in your mind the first few times you viewed the site would be very helpful for us to use as a way to streamline things.

Thanks for your help!

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OK... since you asked...

I think you need a lot more photographs of hand shots, or at least finger shots. Those super close ups are pretty, but they give me absolutely no indication about how it "looks" to the average Joe who sees it on my hand.

I'd also include a photo like the one that a member did where she placed many Asha's on her hand from largest to smallest. THAT is the most excellent size reference photo I'd ever seen and it's awesome to see the sizes on the hand and in relation to eachother all at the same time.

Many folks may not know what size they think they like. Seeing a photo like that might answer thier "what would that size look like on me" question right up front and give them the confidence to place the order.

I'd also include many ring pictures. Like a "Gallery" of pieces made. Different sizes, different settings, different gold colors. Various versions of the same ring. Eye Candy & Glamour shots are some of the best marketing ya know! What happens when someone here gets a new sparklie and they post pics? Oh's and Ah's all around, and "Oh I want that too" can be heard throughout the land! LOL Those people knew about what was possible all along, but eye candy is a great motivator!
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All of Rhonda's suggestions are dead on for me. It's all about the eye candy! It's when I see a picture that it gets stuck in my head and I have to have it.

Size comparison charts like the one TxGal posted up in the jewlery forum, and a photo with a line up of sizes on the hand are definitely good things. One of the biggest questions we get on the board is ''what size?'' Because most people have no idea of what a 1 or 2 ct stone is, or will look like on the hand. <img src='''' alt='''' />
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I know this is a very old thread but I have a suggestion I'd like to share w/you Less. Would love it if BTD would add PayPal to the pymt methods accepted like Wink and many other merchants have. It's very convenient, sometimes more so than using a credit card. Just a thought
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those are some of the scariest things I have ever read....I just removed several of my cards from my profile I do not want to lose alot of my ready assets........
Well, the truth is that most of the headaches happen to the merchant and not the consumer. This is because if the consumer is using their credit card, they are protected through their credit card company. The merchant is protected by . . well . . . nobody.

My company offers paypal as a payment method and maybe 1 out of 10 customers use it. We just don't make the mistake of allowing it to accumulate by transfering funds to our bank account often (they can't mess with or freeze what they don't have
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