How real are we talking?

A trained eye can detect that it is a CZ. Like I said, diamonds have sharper crisper facets and more depth than an Asha. But for most people, it will look like a nice diamond for sure.

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i try to take a mental step back and remember that most of the people who see our jewelry will see a sparkly blur as our hands move, or maybe the occasional nice view of sparkle if our hands are at rest (restaurant, in line at checkout, etc) and without close scrutiny under proper lighting and sometimes magnification, nobody is really going to be able to tell (or, really, care) what sort of sparklies we're wearing.

even the "hand grabbers" mostly just want a better look at the design and/or sparkle and aren't always trying to figure out if it is "real" i am happily wearing a rhinestone (not a CZ, i mean a vintage glass rhinestone) set in a rose gold plated ring. the last time i wore this ring out in public, i had a cashier tell me that this was the sparkliest diamond she'd ever seen.
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Wow!!! is Brilliant Earth legit??? I've seen other synthetics cost practically the same as a natural diamond and they are selling for less than half!

One thing I dont understand is why the better clarity, better cut bigger diamond is cheaper then the other diamond?

Super ideal cut J color VS1 (2.3) $11,230
Ideal Cut J color Sl1 (2.15 carat) $11,700

Is something off here?

I wanted an H color but how much different is a J color? Will it be very apparent looking at the stone assuming I get a super ideal cut?
I'm not a diamond expert, but my understanding is that cut is KING! A super ideal cut diamond can appear whiter due to better brilliance and fire.

I would contact Brilliant Earth directly and ask them about the specifics of individual diamonds.