How do I post negative feedback on a board vendor


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Hi all,
We're going to try and improve vendor feedback on the boards so that the interest of all can be better served.

If you have any issues with a board vendor, as always, you must contact them first in order to attempt to resolve privately.

Failing that, you are welcome to post the issue here but we want these done in a 'just the facts' type of fashion.

Thus, we will require the following template be used:

1 - Statement of problem
2 - Photos of finished item (if applicable)
3 - What steps you took to resolve with vendor
4 - Vendors response
5 - What solution would you prefer the vendor offer at this point.
6 - General comments

The reason for this is that customers have in the past abused the boards by posting negative or half-true feedback, often in order to ensure they get faster attention instead of waiting in the customer service 'queue'.

Example: I emailed vendor Z 4 times with no response!

Facts: Customer emailed Sat night, when vendor was closed, at 10PM, 10:30PM, 11:00PM and 11:30PM....customer then posts this comment on Sunday night. Vendor Z is closed over the weekends

From the above, you can see how misleading the statement is...given that the vendor is closed, there is little difference between emailing 4 times or 1 time...the net is they likely have not even seen any of the emails and won't until they reopen on Monday.

That's the reason for the template - to ensure a truer picture is revealed up front.

That said, if you have a legitimate problem, you are encouraged to post in a factual manner to ensure a fair resolution.

There is no need for people or vendors to get defensive about a negative post - mistakes can happen and vendors need this kind of feedback in order to improve!

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