Homemade Limoncello?


I haven't tried it yet. I was going to let it sit until Friday and see how it tastes.
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I had a little get together today with family at my house and decided to bring out a bottle of Limoncello. I tried it yesterday and it was delish! It was a big hit today! Everybody loved it. It's great with a little club soda. It's like sparkling lemonade with a KICK!
Just wanted to share my success with this. I hope no one hesitates for a second if you've been considering making it!

P.s. Happy New Year everyone!
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So, I didn't make Limoncello, but I bought a bottle.
It was yummy! Wish I had your patience Bry! I saw the time it took to make, which meant no instant gratification... so bought a bottle instead.
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BTD Crown Jewel
sparklee said:
GIABryan said:
I do have another question though. People don't seem to put in the recipes what kind of Vodka. I'm not about to pour a $50 bottle of Grey into this.

Any suggestions?

Let me be the first to say that the quality of the Vodka will most certainly affect the finished product. You don't want to scrimp on the booze!!
A woman who used to work with my ex-husband was from Russia, and she told me that (believe it or not) the Smirnoff red-label was the closest tasting to Russian vodka that's she had in this country. It's not that expensive either.
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The Black Orlov
My dad makes it (in Brazil), it is a big hit with family and friends. Now he even started he's little business and sells it
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