"Highly Recommend" - nice customer feedback on their Takara lab diamond


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Hi all,
Happy to share a nice customer review we just received today on their Takara 1ct lab diamond:

"I just recently purchased a Takara (1ct) for my engagement ring. I am very impressed with the performance of the diamond and feel very confident about the decision I made here. I never expected to get such an amazing ring for this price. The fiancee is very happy as well!

Also, I have to say how much I appreciated working with Less and Dana. They were very responsive and very HONEST at all times, which is something really hard to find in this industry. I am very excited for this company and look forward to see them grow as the industry expands."

Greatly appreciate this customer taking the time to share their feedback!
Lab Created Diamonds Takara Super Ideal Hearts and Arrows Rounds

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