Hi Guys!


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Hey everyone! I thought I would post in the new member intro forum to say hello. I have been a member here for a while, but haven't been active for a bit. For those that remember me - hope all has been well!

My name is Elena. And I love jewelry... LOL Lots has happened since I have visited here last. My husband retired from the Air Force, my son went off to college, and we moved into a historic home here in Connecticut.

My jewelry projects and purchases have slowed done since my hubby got me "The One" (the Daussi Cushion ring in my avatar - thank you Diamonds By Lauren!). But I still love to look.

Nice to meet you/see you again!

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The Pink Orchid
Hey there! Things have slowed down a lot for us, but it's awesome of you to stop in and let us know what's been going on!

Great news about the house, super cool, are you renovating or was it move in ready?

I'm (slowly) in purchasing mode, trying to stick to 1 piece/year, but this year I've ended up with two.
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The Millenium Star
Daaaaana! Hey girl!!
How have you been???

Hi MissCassie! The house is a funny story... It's 115 year old victorian on the historic register here, and was pretty much move in ready. We want to do some cosmetic stuff and update the bathrooms eventually, but we love it!

My hubby was funny when he first saw it, he said, "I don't like old houses..." But is grew on him. LOL
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