Help me choose a size/color?

Hi everyone! I'm a newbie and want to thank everyone for the awesome advise on this forum! I've been looking into getting an asha for some time and have finally narrowed it down.
I'm looking at this ring ( but will take recommendations )
I'd like my current band to sit fairly flush with the ring. I'm also a bit hard on my rings so would like a 6 prong.

I'm also torn between the 2 and 2.5ct round, ( I'd really love a cushion but haven't found a
Setting that will hold one ) anyway- color. Should I go with the H or the whiter one? Does anyone have pictures of the different colors and sizes? Again thanks so much! I plan on ordering tomorrow!!
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The Pink Orchid
Go for the H color, it will still look WHITE. Might get a little warmth in some lighting though.

As for size... well, that is such personal preference! I have a 7.5mm, and two ~9mm, and I don't think I could go smaller than a 9mm now!

Usually, my recommendation is to go with the larger of the two sizes, as "shrinkage" sets in over time (where you get used to the size and it starts looking smaller/normal to you).
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Thanks a lot! I think I'll go with H 2.5ct round. Would you recommend doing with the 14k white gold or palladium? I have 14k WG for my current setting and don't mind the yellowing, but if palladium is truly better I will
Go with that.