Help me choose a ring

Hi ladies, I've been on a bit of a hiatus. I do lurk sometimes and look at the gorgeous pieces around here, they are amazing!

Some of you know that I do some stock trading in my spare time. I've recently been really lucky and hubby said that although we should put the majority of profits into savings -that I should have some fun with a small portion of it.

Woohooo sparkle fun

This is where you lovely ladies come in. I have a budget, I have desires, I need opinions!!!

My budget is 5k. This opens up the world of diamonds too, BUT I really do love sims because they are nice to the environment and I don't like supporting Debeers. That being said I do think diamonds are gorgeous, so they are not off the table......

I have three-ish options that I'm considering, but I'm open to ideas as well. Here we go!

Option 1: A three stone emerald cut ring with an AG center 9x7 (or their elongated version of that) and 3x5 sides. I guess the sides would have to be diamond because there aren't going to be small AGs (yet). BUT this is a bit of gamble because although are amazing stones, I don't know how they will look next to each other. Opinions?

Option 2: I'm so jell-o of the amora gems floating around here. Yeah Ginger and MissCassie, I'm talking about you!!! They are so beautiful. I already have an RB solitaire and one with a canary Wink Cartier cushion, so I wouldn't get a third, but probably replace the RB with an Amora gem (7.5mm).

Pic is of Rose's amazing ring. I have a 2mm eternity I could rock it with:

Option 3: Last but not least, a diamond. I would get a pear solitaire because I love the finger coverage a pear gives you. I think I could squeeze out a 1.5 carat in my budget, but I don't have the dinero for side stones (which is ok).

I would looove your input, I really the value the opinions of the people here. Lots of knowledge and great taste floats around this forum
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The Pink Orchid
What's your finger size hun?

You just HAVE to make me choose between an Amora OEC and a pear cut, didn't you?
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I can't decide between the OEC and pear either!!! and I think there's a white gold Harry Winston (baguette sides) on the bistro you can buy...and pop that pear right in the middle
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Miss Cassie, I wear between a 3.75-3.5. SooooOOoooo which one did you choose pear or OEC?

Thanks ladies, I will definitely look at the bistro! Kanga, you're right OECs are some of the most amazing stones out there.

Ginger, I can't believe yours is unenhanced, it's soooo white. Did you get it from Shubbies or MoissCo? I also can't wait to see your diamond 5 stone!
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I chose option two - it just looks like a yummy ball of sparkly goodness
plus I love nothing better than a solitaire 'cause it's classic and timeless.
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I want to say #2 because of the sparkle factor and the stack-ability of the round solitaire. I just got an OEC 6-prong solitaire and I love both of those things about it - the crazy bling and the versatility.

That being said, I think all the options are beautiful, with the pear being my second favorite!
I will ALWAYS pick a pear, no matter what. They are my absolute FAVORITE! I'm sure you can get a nice large pear for 5k, I was actually looking at them last night and there are quite a few available.

The OEC is gorgeous as well.. and I am also trying to decide OEC vs PEAR for my future e-ring... decisions decisions.

Which one do you love the most?
I chose the OEC for my vote
I just think the OEC's are unbelievably beautiful. For me, nothing surpasses an OEC..
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I picked the pear cut... They're so elegant! I'm dreaming of a canary yellow pear cut pendant... Too bad there's no yellow moissanite in that cut
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I'm soooo happy! I'm sending Beth an email right away! Congratulations for your new baby!
Take care of both of you
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First of all:

Congratulations Jcent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now on to less important things:

I'm surprised the EC three stone is not that popular around here. Although Borismom I totally thought of you when I was posting it, reminds me of your canary beauty! In all honesty it would probably be a few years before that would happen.

I think the amora OEC (I kept calling it the wrong thing in my post
) is hands down the most-beautiful/most durable non-diamond option. BUT I have one crazy hang up. I think I posted this a few months ago, I have this very wealthy friend who bought a $38k engagement ring. In her defense she has the money and it's New York, ppl spend tons of money on the craziessst things. Of course right now you want to know what her ring looks like..........

Round OEC, 2 carats:

I have oooogled this ring every time we hang out, I have even tried it on and I never knew it was an OEC until she told me! I mean I looooove OECs, I even have a Cartier cushion. I have three concerns: 1) I have a freakish genetic defect that prevents me from recognizing antique cuts unless I stick them one inch from my nose. 2) I will spend close to 1k and the ring will look pretty much the same to me (and most people who don't really care about jewelry details). 3). I read poppy's story of a bum OEC and a few ladies were concerned with green. It seems hit or miss, but still....

The pear would be my third solitaire.... that's a little wacky. It seems like I have one ring style that I like and I keep buying the same thing. I think I need sparkle rehab.

Bottom line, I think I'm going to marinate for a while, take in the great input you ladies have given me. Also I'll post pics of what I currently own so you can get an idea for what would add to my "collection" (sparkle hoarding problem).

Most awkward hand position. 7.5mm cz with 2mm eternity band (the pic is of a 7mm, but I upgraded):

My go to ring, moissy 5 stone:

Wink 7.5mm cartier cushion, this little guy gets little wear. He may end up on the Bistro:

I also have diamond studs, but they're not that fun to look at, although very fun to wear. They look like all studs do

Longest post ever? Bottom line, not sure what to buy. Need to think more and sparkle-hoard-less
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