Help...I want to make my man dinner...but I can't cook!

Thanks, everyone! Such great ideas!

I do have a crockpot! I think I'm going to start with a crockpot meal...seems easier that way.

BeMyValentine...woo hoo, then it IS possible that one day I can get good at this!
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Yes, yes, yes... I was going to come onto this thread to suggest a crockpot meal, but everyone beat me to it! I have stuff going in my crockpot as I type this because DH's bday is today! I just put frozen chopped spinach and coarsely chopped portabellos with an onion soup mix and a large flank steak in there with a 1/2 cup of water so it doesn't burn.

My mom swears by a rump roast with frozen veggies and an onion soup mix in the crockpot, so my take is just a variation of hers. I love these kinds of meals because I'm not a great cook either and BeMyValentine is right... they are kind of guaranteed to turn out!

Best of luck and be sure to tell us what you make!