Help...I want to make my man dinner...but I can't cook!

Hey, everyone! So my boyfriend cooks for me pretty regularly, and I want to treat him to a nice meal that I've made. The only problem...I'm not much of a cook. I grew up with a single dad, so I never learned much beyond Hamburger Helper and Kraft Mac & Cheese
Does anyone have any simple recipes that I could make that taste good? Thanks! We aren't picky eaters. I don't really like whole tomatoes, and he doesn't really like cauliflower or lima beans...but anything else is fair game!
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Do you have any "nice" upscale grocery stores near you? They often have main dishes that are pretty much prepared, and all you have to do is cook them. I'm not a cook either (although I did cook for the 14 yrs that I was married to my son's father).

My current DH does all of the cooking for us, so I don't have to worry about that anymore, however, I am the breakfast chef. I can do great things with eggs - lol!

I do have some "I'm not a cook" advice though. Don't take on anything complicated, choose something simple without too many ingredients the first time out! It's easy to get overwhelmed with a complicated recipe if you aren't used to cooking - been there - done that!
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Log on to the food network and look up quick and easy meals or recipes with 5 ingredients or less. Rachael Ray 30 minute meals is also great or Sandra Lee semi-homemade.
nikki-Thanks for the suggestions! I think pasta is a great choice...I love stuffed shells! One night he made some stuffed pasta for me, and it didn't look too hard...I think I could pull this off.

Casey-Do you mean like Sprouts, Trader Joes, Fresh & Easy? I have those near me! I think a Whole Foods is a few miles away, too. You are lucky to have a hubby who cooks for you, woo hoo!! Thanks for the tips!

germahaitianese- You posted when I was posting, lol! That's a great idea, I didn't know they had something like that...thanks!
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Eek, I just reread your post and realized you didn't want cauliflower. Sorry
The topping works pretty good on most other veggies too though.

As far as crock pot, I don't know how adventurous you two are, but Indian recipes work wonderfully in the crock pot. I take a lot of recipes that call for prep (Like pre-frying the herbs, etc) and just crock pot everything. Still tastes wonderful:)
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That's ok, I'll just have to experiment when I'm cooking for myself or for my family. For some reason, boyfriend doesn't like cauliflower...I think he said his mom force fed it to him when he was young, lol.

Oh wow...Indian recipes! I LOVE Indian food. Do you know where I could find some? Maybe I'll just google "Indian crock pot" haha

*edit* google is my friend YUM!
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Tamatar murghi is my absolute favorite. It's just chicken and tomatoes, but so tasty!
Tamatar murghi

And it tastes great with My naan, much like my tortillas, still comes out a bit lumpy, but the flavor is there at least
If you don't feel like making it, a lot of stores have premade naan. If you brush a little ghee and sesame seed on, it tastes homemade!

And if you prefer your recipes out of a book, you can't go wrong with Madhur Jaffrey. I've had my book so long its falling apart and smells like curry, but I still love it!
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Here's my recipe for a super simple and delicious crockpot meal.

Chipotle Chicken Tacos

2 lbs extra lean, boneless/skinless chicken thighs
3 garlic cloves
1/2 cup jarred salsa
1 tbl chipotle in adobo (spicy, use less if you don't like heat)
1 tsp salt
1/2 pepper
1 tbl mild chilli powder (I like Whole Foods brand)

Mix everything together in the crockpot and cook on high for 4 hours. Put chicken in a large bowl and using 2 forks, shredd the chicken adding a little of the cooking fluid to moisten. Eat with corn or flour tortillas and condiments of your choice. We love cheese, fresh cilantro, sour cream and salsa.

Tip: Double recipe and freeze the other half for quesadillas, nachos or fill tortillas shells, top with enchilada sauce and cheese and bake for the most delicious enchiladas you've ever had. Enjoy!
Windblownhair- Thanks for the recipe and book! I think he'd really enjoy that!

germahaitianese- TACOS! In a CROCPOT! They sound delicious!

Wow, boyfriend is going to love all of these. You girls are going to turn me into the little cook I knew I always could be!
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Spaz you might like this one. I follow the suggestions and toss the chicken first in flour(boneless, skinless thighs can be used instead for money savings) is a great site, they have lots of easy recipes and more complex ones too. Of course another easy recipe is a stir fry. Thinly diced chicken or beef, soy sauce, ginger, and a package of frozen veggies and a pot of rice and you have a great easy meal. Sorry I don't use set recipes unless I bake as I have been cooking since I was a kid and like to create. Don't be afraid to try is the big thing and some need to turn down the heat if cooking stovetop. ~Red
Oh BTW thought I would mention that Rachel Rays 30 minute meals normally take me 60 minutes... lol I'm just slow in the kitchen i guess, and sometimes her recipes had hard to find ingredients at my local grocery store, so I'd suggest looking through lots of recipes and making sure you can find all the ingredients before committing to recipe
Aussie Chicken - chicken breasts, bacon, cheese, with a honey mustard glaze. MMMMMmmmm - To make it easier, I've never "rubbed seasoning spices on the chicken and refrigerate for 30 mins." I skip that step, and it still tastes divine. I also substitute Cheddar instead of Monterrey Jack cheese... it's just whatever cheese I've usually got on hand. I've somehow forgotten to use mushrooms the last few times, and it was still fine!

This recipe LOOKS decadent, and tastes amazing... if you can cook bacon, and partially cook a chicken breast before throwing it together in the oven and walking away, you'll be fine! and goes very well with a salad, rice or potatoes for a side, etc. A pre-made salad would be easy, and really dress it up!
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5 years ago I couldn' t cook at all... now I am (according to BF) really good at it! I'm better at it than he is lol.

the only advice I would give you would be to start with simple yet tasty recipes..I went all out in the beginning and the mess in the kitchen and the amount of time I spent cooking was insane LOL.

I found this blog that I really like
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Do you own a crockpot? If so, that might be the easiest way to go and you can't mess it up! Most of the recipes are basically cut up ingredients that you put in, turn on the crock and voila, you have a delicious meal!