HELP! How to fix ring??

This is my first time posting on this forum and I don't know much about jewellery so not sure if this can be fixed at all but thought it was worth making an account to ask.
So I haven't had this ring long (6 months) and when talking to pandora (where it's from) they told me to not use a cleaning cloth on a rose-gold ring, but when my partner bought it they told him that it needed to be cleaned with the cloth every day. After contacting them they also said it's not for everyday use but unfortunately due to not knowing both of these things before the ring has already been ruined and they said they can't fix it.
I don't mind spending money to fix this, does anyone know of anywhere (even overseas) where I could get this fixed (repainted or something?) and if anything exists that can be sprayed over the band to allow it to be worn every day without this happening again?
I've attached a picture of what it looks like as I don't know how to explain it (the diamonds are fine it's just the band that's ruined), Thank you so much! 0.png 0-1.png
I think so, I know its not real rose gold but the pandora collection is called Rose
Judging by the website, it looks like it is plated. The nature of plating just isn’t something that can stand up to continuous wear. While there are certain things that shorten the lifespan of plating (certain skin chemistry, or harsh cleaning treatments), plating of itself isn’t designed to stand up to everyday wear.

Instead of jumping into a cycle of having to get the ring replated, over and over, would you be willing to switch the actual rose gold? There are many cheap ways to do it...buying used (there are some gorgeous 9kt classic rings on Etsy), buying a simple band, or buying on Diamond Bistro. I’m not sure how sentimental you are, but I personally would be hesitant to invest money into repairing a cocktail ring. Especially since it would be a repeated process for the entire life of the ring.

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if the ring itself is sterling silver, many jewelers can do a replating for you. similar to a rhodium plating on a white metal, but rose gold tone. this plating looks a little more copper-y than solid rose gold but if you're sentimental and want to be able to occasionally wear this ring, that would be my best suggestion.

if the ring is a "base metal" or pure costume jewelry, most jewelers won't work with that because they don't want to risk contaminating their equipment with a mystery metal.