Help deciding what to do with 3 black natural diamonds i have??

Hi everyone,
I am new here, I have 3 black diamonds and need some help deciding what to do with them.
6.05CT Trillion? Opaque, Jet Black Natural black diamond (13.44mm/4.71mm/11.28).
4.01CT Round, Brilliant, Opaque, Jet Black, Color enhanced natural black diamond (1.062mm/6.24mm).
3.83CT Trillion, Opaque, Jet Black, Natural black diamond (11.64mm/3.93mm/11.47mm).

As you can see from the attached pictures i had 2 of them valued a while ago, just to be sure of what i had.

I have had them for around 8 years now, I always wanted to do something with them. Initially my thinking was to have the trillion diamond set in some sort of pendant, and the round brilliant ones perhaps in some sort of pendant again or maybe some oversized ring.
What does everyone think here? do you guys think i should cut my losses and try and sell them as is? or have them set in a unique piece of jewelry.

If its decided to have them made into jewelry then i would like some of your ideas on:
Material (i.e. White gold, platinum etc).

I hope someone is able to help, if there's any other info needed i can add this later.