Help! Choosing moissanite for Emerald Cut

I am taking the plunge and getting my dream emerald cut ring size 2.5-3.5 (band will have diamonds around it)... the jeweler I am working with can source any type of moissanite. I am so confused and have researched myself into a hole. My impression is that Neo, Harro or Amora are the best ... I have yet to see any moissanite in person because it is so difficult to see in an emerald cut.
Can you share your experience and pics!!! help.

I am looking for a high quality copy cat diamond like emerald cut!

Irismom, I am in a similar boat as you! There is a thread a few lines up about this very subject. The NEO was recommended to me, but the videos I was sent weren’t that exciting. I just want a colorless EC that has crisp facets and an elevated crown, but it’s so hard to choose.
By the way, I have a daughter named Iris! It’s not a very common name where I live, but I think it is just lovely! Might be a bit biased. Lol