Help An Amateur :-)

Hopefully I am posting in the right section.
I am looking to buy an engagement ring. I have already proposed to my fiancé and we are now looking at various different rings.
I understand the 4 C's and we have our budget set, but we are struggling to find the ratio and balance between Colour, Clarity & Cut VS Carat (i.e - size).
We found 2 really nice rings at one particular jewellers, and they looked great in terms of Colour, Clarity & Cut to our naked amateur eyes, however I was surprised at the 3 Colour, Clarity & Cut grades... BUT maybe these are normal grades?
Does anyone have any advice on getting the ratio and balance right of 'Colour, Clarity & Cut' VS Carat, or is it purely personal choice?
Here are the 2 rings in which we are looking at, which we both thought it looked great, but maybe the grades are too low?

Ring 1 (Round)
- Colour: G
- Cut: Brilliant
- Carat: 3.34
- Clarity: Si1
- Deal Price: €52,000

Ring 2 (Emerald)
- Colour: H
- Cut:
- Carat: 3.37
- Clarity: Si1
- Price: €37,000


Cut is king and trumps all of the other C's. You have provided no information on cut and grading lab. The best place for you to get help is to check out Pricescope. The posters are diamond afficionados and will help you out.