Hello my name is Brit...

and I am a pain in the tush! Or at least Poppyseed probably thinks so. *wink*

I lost my engagement ring last year and found this board to help me decide on a replacement. And that is all she wrote. I have caught the obsession!
Oh I guess I should share a little about myself. I am in my 40's, have been married for 8 years (together 10) and I have a two year old daughter, who is our miracle. It took us 6+ years trying naturally and then another year and 4 cycles of IVF to get her here. I have my own business and still work for my employer a couple hours a week, but I like to consider myself a stay at home mom, since she, my husband and our home are my first priority. I am/was a horse person before I started the whole IVF deal, when I promised to give up all things horse to be on the safe side. My business is a horse related retail website (I sell English horse bridles by the part). It is a very niche business, so unless you are into riding english sporthorses it will all be jibberish. LOL!

So that me is a nutshell.


Welcome!! I float in and out of the boards over the years but the sparkle always brings me back

Have you started a thread with your rings in it yet? Link!!
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