Hello! Hoping for recommendations on Lab Grown Diamond Jwry

Hello everyone,
I have read lots of threads on here over the past couple days, but most of it was old threads of one vendor bickering with other vendors on who sells CZs and who sells honest to goodness lab grown diamonds! I finally decided to join the group tonight and come right out and ask for your recommendations on TRUE LAB CREATED DIAMOND JEWELRY.

While I am seeing a lot of nice jewelry on here from various vendors, my brother is looking for a lab created diamond ring. He feels he cannot afford the ring his girlfriend deserves if he buys a natural diamond ring, but he doesn't want to give her something that will not test as diamond because his girlfriend has a pen-style diamond tester! She buys a lot of jewelry with diamond accents and has purchased lab grown diamond earrings and various other items with diamond, so she bought the tester to make sure she wasn't getting ripped off on eBay. He knows the first thing she is going to do when he gives her the ring, and after he is out of sight, is take her tester to the stone! He will eventually tell her that it is lab grown, and before they marry, but he doesn't want to spoil the night when he gives her the ring by telling her it is lab grown.

I told him he may discover that she is pleased to know that there is no chance of it being a blood diamond, but he still wants to not mention it when he gives it to her. If she were to ask him, he won't start their engagement out with a lie and tell her that it's natural, but he's not going to offer up the information on his own. He and I both cannot imagine she will ask though. I have actually known her longer than he has, and I know she was not raised to be so rude as to ask him if it's lab grown or natural.

Also, he would like to buy her around a two-carat center stone with accents. I read somewhere that lab grown diamonds cannot be grown to over a carat. Is this true? Or is this old news? I am hoping technology has taken the field further than this. If not, he will have to settle for a carat center stone and hope that the halo will make it look bigger!

And does anyone offer a lab grown diamond that is not so "perfect"? If she takes it to get it appraised and the jeweler she takes it to does not have the sophisticated machine to tell her it is lab grown, and he tells her it is D color and no inclusions, she will be very suspicious! He's hoping he can find a lab grown diamond ring with some small inclusions and maybe F or G color. Especially if he finds a ring with a 2-carat stone. She will know he didn't have $100,000 to buy her the perfect ring!

I know I rambled quite a bit, so thank you for taking the time to read all of this and thank you in advance for any help you can offer me. I truly hope there is something out there like this for him. He would buy her the world if he could afford it, but he just can't. Some of the sites I have been on offering lab grown diamond jewelry seemed to be as expensive as just going out and buying a natural diamond. So while we are looking for quality, we also have to watch the wallet! Thanks again!

Love My Bling!
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Dana ♥

The Centenary Diamond
lab-grown diamonds are roughly the same price, or more, than Earth-mined diamonds.

the "lab diamonds" that are priced in the hundreds, instead of the thousands, are just CZ.

lab-grown diamonds can go over a carat, but i think mostly just in yellows.
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The Pink Orchid
Dana is correct. Lab grown actual diamonds are very expensive. They are not bought to save money.

Her "lab-grown" diamonds that test positive could be moissanites and she could have an old diamond tester. Older testers show moissanite as diamond.
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