Hello from a fellow jewelry fan!

Hi, all! I finally stopped creeping and made an account... Watching this forum has taught me so much about jewelry that I've bought moissy stones from ebay and BTD and had them set at my jeweler's after picking out Unique of NY settings online and taking the setting numbers in. I will post some pictures of my sparkly babies later on - I have a beautiful BTD 8mm round concave cut lemon yellow sapphire, flanked with two 5mm plain ol unenhanced moissys in a three stone cartier-style setting, stud earrings made from two 6.5mm stones set in 14kwg martini style settings, and a huge chunker of a moissy for a necklace - an 8mm moissy set in a four prong basket style pendant, suspended from a 14kwg 1mm box chain with a lobster clasp. I do love me some sparklies and I'm exciting to finally join so I can participate in all the conversations here.