Hello and a question.

Hello everyone. I just joined. I have been looking at this community for some time and I finally joined. I enjoy looking at everyone's picture collections. I am a fan of moissanite and have recently started collecting. I was wondering where in the world people are getting their blue mossanites?! It's been very hard to find them on line. Most sellers have green. I would appreciate it if people can give me some advice on where to buy pretty blue moissanites.
I'm new to moissanite as well, but I love it. I've only seen standard color moissy in person, but here are a couple loose blue stones I found online. These are all different shades apparently. Maybe other forum folks have better suggestions. Etsy had a couple on there as well.

Etsy Blue Moissy Ring

Steel Blue 9mm princess

Blue Luisant 7mm round

Fancy Ultra Light Blue Amora Gems H&A

I've seen old board posts that Schubach's and MoissaniteCo.com have sold them on occasion. Maybe shoot them a message and see if they have anything?
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Welcome FG! I had a similar question. Here is the link:

Not the answer I was hoping for, but an answer nonetheless. *wipes tear*
And btw: the link above for the Fancy Light Blue Amora Gem is exactly that. The blue AG is NOT a moissanite. It's gorgeous, IMO; but def not a moissy. Now....if you ever find out who is stashing all the blue moissys, let me know!! And I'll do the same!!