Has anyone done HCG for weigh loss

If you want to loose weight and stay slim, it involves changing your eating habits for good. Once you stop the quick fix...you will slowly end up back at square one.

This is just a simple truth. Merlin
I was HUGE on the HCG diet when I lost so much weight on it. I did really well and then I got lazy and ate what I wanted. Over one year I gained 8 pounds. I did not take the advice to get back on the diet when I gained 2 pounds.

When it came time to lose those pesky pounds I turned to lean proteins and veggies and stuck to between 500 and 800 calories a day. As soon as I restricted carbs I lost my hunger again and the weight fell off.

Now I am a believer that carbs (with all their added high fructose corn syrup) are the devil. The more I eat the more I crave. When I restric them I lose the cravings in a week and the weight falls off.

Now when I need to lose weight I follow the HCG diet without the HCG. It works just as well for me. To each his or her own.
Hello I haven't posted in forever but I am so overwhelmed with all the choices for the hcg homeopathic drops.
Could somebody please point me in the direction of a good source which they have used with success?
I am really excited to try this diet!!
Hi..I lost 50lbs using the drops before..but that was before the FDA had a hand in it and changed them. I had no clue which drops to use after that eithers, so now I have decided I am going to bite the bullet and do the shots! so now I am researching where to get them so I can get back on protocol.
Flowecheba, why do you ask that? Just wondering what you've heard regarding that because I HAD to register for this site when I saw this topic post. I started HCG injections in Dec 2010 and following the program implicitly, I lost a pound a day after the first week and that continued through 4 cycles of injections, a total of 73 pounds in just a few months without exercise. It was a very exciting time but, it did not come without an extreme cost. I first noticed the lump in my abdomen in Feb 2011. About the size of a kumquat or very large grape but it grew quickly. The size of a nectarine within a month. My doctor insisted that I immediately stop the injections. Against his advice I continued that cycle until the end before I quit. When the tumor and my right ovary and fallopian tube was removed on June 8th, coincidentally my 42 birthday, the tumor was larger than a football! A whopping 19 inches in length, 13 inches across and contained in excess of 3 liters of fluid! I live in the Dallas Fort Worth metropolex but the entire hospital staff could not believe and had never seen a tumor anywhere near that size. My doctor asked if I would be willing to submit to being a subject for a teaching surgery, where the medical students could examine me and then view the surgery as they were likely to never again see anything like it. The entire 10 day hospital stay and surgery cost me a whopping $400 'co-pay' and the hospital credited the remaining $68,000 bill as costs for 'educational training.' On the upside, I have kept the weight off with no problem at all. On the down side, two years ago seven new tumors were discovered, 3 in my left breast, 4 in my right. The doctors will not say that the HCG absolutely caused them but they do say they expedited their growth exponentially......I never in a million years ever thought I would ever say...I wish I hadn't lost the weight.....
I am sorry for not responding sooner, i some how missed your post.
I am sorry for what you went through! I hope your condition imporoved or at least stabilized.
I dont know enough about HCG nor, have i looked into it throughly, i have seen articles here and there and i have read somewhere that it can cause fertility issues. But please dont quote me, I am not a professional, nor a doctor and am not giving any health or medical advice. HCG being a hormone, I would assume would affect hormonal systems in the body and possibly cause hormonal imbalance and some unwanted side effects as it is extra doses of hormones added to the body that would normally not be present
Here are some articles i have found regard hcg:





There are many more articles on line, but for myself ,I have no first hand experience of using HCG, so I cannot add any anecdotal examples or side effects
Hope you are doing better and will send positive thoughts your way