Has anyone done HCG for weigh loss

DarlingMomof3 said:
Yes, unfortunately.
I never had the same results as the first round. I tried many rounds.
Yes. The first will always be the most dramatic. For most people it's the first time they "clean house" so to speak. Subsequent rounds are rarely as effective. For those that have similar losses it's generally because they have a lot of weight to release. And by that I mean more than 75 pounds. At least that's what I see.

Subsequent rounds work, just not as dramatically.

I would suggest adding more lean protein instead of peanut butter. I'd be shocked if that wasn't slowing things down too. You're burning fat on this protocol, and if you want to maximize weight loss you want the fat you burn to be from your body, not dietary. That's why it's lowfat.

Electrolyte imbalances are often quite in your face. Heart irregularities (strange beats, feeling like it's racing, skipping beats etc.) cramping (headaches, charley horses things like that) spasms, dizziness, feeling excessively thirsty, constipation, etc.
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Well that sucks..I lost 16# the first time, 8# the second time, which was last year. I was hoping for at least 20# in 45 days but maybe that's not going to happen!

The peanut butter I've only done twice, b/c I didn't have any protein thawed out and it was one of those need it now feelings. I just crashed last night, just got completely exhausted by 8:00 and when I got up this morning to get ready for work I felt really "off". I didn't know if it was too much water yesterday too fast, not enough water, or what. I ate that and then instead of chugging my water, sipped it slowly and by the time I went to work at 9 I was fine. I'm pretty sure I've not had enough water today now so I need to find my balance.
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for the "need it now" feeling, is there any way to have hard cooked eggs in the fridge? Something that is just ready to go and won't spoil in 48 hours?
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I'd eaten the last we had for supper the night before-figures! But yes, definitely boiling more so I have them on hand for sure. I love them anyway, but that's an easy way to get the protein when I need it. Thanks for the reminder, I better get on that.
Bethany said:
ugh... guess i'm off to arbys :p

i didnt load the first time and i expect thats why i was so hungry the whole time.
eek. yeah. that would be a problem. for sure you want the high calories in your system to burn while your body switches it's fuel source.
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If you stay on the maintenance phase for a few weeks and want to do it again, do you still load then?

I'm down 5.6 so far, 20.6 to go to my goal. I figured out I need to lose 4.074 a week to get to my goal and as of yesterday which was the end of the first week, I was down 4.8. So far I'm doing ok. Period week is next week tho, so I'm betting my losses go down. Been walking on the treadmill too.
Do you mean p3-low carb? If you've been eating that way then I don't think it's necessary to load again. But I'd want to double check that you were in ketosis. If you are it should be a relatively painless transition. If not, then you should probably load. My two cents.
Is that what P3 is, low carb? I have a ways to go before I'm there, I just was thinking if I wanted to do it again after three weeks or however long you have to wait before starting again, if I'd need to load again or not.
oh, gotcha. if you stay low carb, I don't think you have to load again. if you go back to "regular" eating I think you do.
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Ugh... more dehydrated than I remember being last time! I can just feel it... hard to move my joints and my whole body hurts (might be TMI for some) but my urine is very very concentrated (there is a lot of it - but its dark yellow/looking kind of orange/brown - and no I have not eaten anything to cause that color change). No back pain and urine is clear so not an infection. I've never seen urine that concentrated/color actually! I almost want to show you... its so weird. Slightly off putting but I feel fine other than the body aches..(no fever) however, I attribute that to only sleeping 4 hours this entire week (sun-tomorrow). Busy busy busy with work. ( I will rest in approximately 12 hours when I'm done with my last seminar).

Bleh. I've been drinking at least 100 oz of water.. I do it religiously and I always have.. Maybe I should increase the water from what I normally drink (which is at LEAST 80 oz a day).

Tomorrow I will try increasing the amount of water (ketosis also produces concentrated urine - maybe I am just metabolizing more fat than last time).

I will give it more time as I am feeling okay - Hopefully nothing is wrong with my liver or kidneys - I have had problems with both in the past (not hcg related problems)
You know what I just remembered? I feel so sick whenever I eat anything containing and I have been feeling like this for two weeks. Also, feeling sick whenever I eat meat as well - that has lasted about three weeks.

I will talk to a colleague tomorrow about hepatitis..

ETA: Just palpated liver. Slight pain - great. I actually heard a rumor about hcg and liver problems. I am not at all jaundiced I dont think. I will hit the books after my seminar. No sleep ever! I am concerned.... I will be very upset if this is HepC.

(doctors make the worst patients, dont we? trying to diagnose ourselves...)
you can assist your gallbladder to emulsify any fat you eat by adding in an Bile salt supplement. It will also help if you don't have a gallbladder.

When you have your gallbladder removed you can no longer digest fats. That is why you are "running to the bathroom". When you can't digest fats they are just shooting through your system without being broken down and assimilated.
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E.Taylor - Was this to me? If so - yes.
Stopped taking hcg and urine has returned to normal so I feel much better about this.
I'll resume again eventually but I feel my body has been under too much stress.