Has anyone done HCG for weigh loss

I am so excited about this! Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this! I have tried everything under the sun to lose weight and it just has not worked. I am going to read the HCG Starter Manual and will begin reading Inches and Pounds as well. After looking over everything, I will be more informed and will give serious consideration HCG.
one of the places in my area is running a special on it. my husband and i are still entertaining the idea of doing it. i think my mom wants to do it too..i need to check out the links provided earlier-maybe i wouldn't be so skittish!
That's great! Just one cautionary note about clinics - make sure you read P&I first, and then before signing up with a clinic ensure that they are following the original protocol, not tweaking it. FYI, some clinics insist on colonics - that is NOT necessary.

I did my first round with a clinic, and I spent $700, and they didn't follow protocol exactly (however I did, I even taught them some things.) My subsequent rounds cost less than $100.
Is there something on the links you put up earlier that has the original protocol, to make sure they're doing it right? I had a consult w/them a few months ago, but I don't remember everything I was told.
During the Very Low Calorie Diet phase (VLCD) you eat about 500 calories. The most important thing is to get all your proteins in each day, which amounts to 100 grams, or 3.5 oz twice a day.
I'm not hungry. I swear. The worst of it is during the detox phase during round 1, and lasts up to a week. After that I only feel normal, mild hunger (and learned the difference between actual hunger and cravings.) HCG is allowing your body to burn so many calories that you don't feel hungry - it's a natural appetite suppressant. I sometimes forget to eat. I get full eating a salad.

Yes, it does take willpower to overcome your normal eating habits while on protocol. Your mind really has to be in the "zone". But, it's a TON easier when you're not starving.
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Ok, I read Pounds and Inches and it's very tempting. It makes alot of sense.

When I'm done nursing I'm going to give it a shot.
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I don't know that my coworkers would allow me to come to work w/out make up. Seriously. It's only 1 day a week but I think they would not be happy with me.
Yep, mineral powder is fine! I use Everyday Minerals. The only thing I miss a little is concealer for my under-eye circles. Topical oil doesn't negatively affect every person, but just in case they say not to use anything with oil, including lotions and body washes. I use aloe vera as a moisturizer.

Just FYI, it's safe to use HCG while nursing (just like it's safe to be pregnant and nurse) but you could increase your calories a bit. I'm also a breastfeeding counselor, so I'd always encourage breastfeeding above anything!
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+1 dm4 ... i'm going to give it a try after nursing, too - unless i somehow lose the weight before i stop nursing.

emily ... are you sure it's safe to lose all that weight while you're nursing? my doctor suggested only like a pound a week ... don't the toxins stored in your fat cells get released when you lose weight and get into the milk?
Just a disclaimer - I am not a medical expert or professional.

I nursed my daughter for almost 3 years, but lost all the baby weight within 2-3 months (gained it back while eating for two for the rest of the time, though!) I would wait until you stop losing weight from breastfeeding alone before doing the protocol.

As for calorie intake, I would defer to either Trudi or Biz on happilythinnerafter.com. Biz is the resident dietitian expert, and could work something up with you. A lot of it depends on how often you are breastfeeding. Check out these threads, and decide for yourself. There are some schools that don't believe that toxins are released in any quantity that would affect milk, but as always, do your own research.: