Hair drama, AGAIN, lol - Any hairstylists here? ;)

Thank you. Yes, I am NOT saying red is bad, I rocked dark brown/red/auburn for years and loved it, but now that the grays are getting nuts LOL I thought a bit lighter would help
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She said to you she used a light brown toner, but we use 0-12 on a color chart with letters to match.
So if you wanted Carmel color highlights (Carmel has a slight bit of red) I
Would tone with 4 parts 6n 1 part 9v and the 1:1 shades solution.
But I would say to the client Carmel color:)
No one thinks 6n+9v highlights sounds pretty!

Meaning, sometimes we make up color names to make you happy! Our color is numbers and letters not pretty names of foods or flowers like on box color;)
Purple shampoo absolutely will not hurt! It will help over time. I would use it 3 times a week until you see a change then go 2 times a week then down to 1 until your next appointment.
Jezebel said:
Purple shampoo absolutely will not hurt! It will help over time. I would use it 3 times a week until you see a change then go 2 times a week then down to 1 until your next appointment.
great! At the rate I wash my hair it'll take a while LOL
I go 2-3 days without washing, I have a LOT of hair and thick/dry, so takes a while to "look" dirty LOL
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Hmmm I like "all soft" from redken
I use "it's a 10" and love it...
I like enjoy products

There are so many good ones out there!
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Cool, thank you. I will check it out.

I did use Redken in the past for wavy/curly hair and loved it. Took some of the volume down and needed very lil bit to lather nice in my hair...which some conditioners dont.
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I don't think it was your fault at all. She just didn't get the results from the toner she picked that she thought she was going to get. She could have retained with another shade right then and there.
I think it will be right next time, just tell/ show her and say it was to red this time.

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Lol! It's doable, you need to find the right stylist. I would call the salon and ask who the best colorist is. Who is always booked? Don't make appointments for the same week. Book out a week or two so you can get the best stylist not the stylist who isn't busy. There is a reason they are not busy.
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Makes total sense! This girl had her schedule pretty open; I now washed my hair and I am closer to hating it. It is def brassy!
I honestly think she was not too experienced and that plus my difficult hair didn't end up well.
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Call her today. That is not right. I would also talk to the owner of the salon. The owner needs to know what kind of highlights this stylist produces when asked for light brown non brassy highlights!
Do not pay any more for the fix either.
... I wouldn't go back to her after the fix either. She sent you out the door knowing exactly what it looked like and it will get more brassy as the toner wears out.
Thank you. I contacted the owner and she asked me to come back in sometime this week, honestly, I do not feel like walking in there again. I might stop by just so they can see, but I am now afraid that all of them are the same level, because obviously someone hired her, know what I mean?

With the luck (or not so much LOL) being on my side, my old stylist, the one who moved, happened to be in town next weekend to do a wedding of a dear friend of hers and she offered to fix it for me. The salon where she worked lets her use their stuf etc, she worked there for over 15yrs.

Boy am I happy!!! So she will squeeze me in Friday at 5pm.

She said we should either pull those highlights a bit more and then tone (with the right one) and maybe add a few more (thin, hate chunky) and then tone it. It makes sense to me, right?
She did my hair for 9yrs, so she knows. See here, this was 5yrs ago, and she did it and I loved it. OF COURSE this time I dont want THAT blond.....

I want half way to that....I'd be happy
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Completely!!!! I'm so glad she will be there for you! It will turn out perfect:))
Run into the salon and show the owner, though. She should refund you 100% at LEAST 50% of your cost! Don't be afraid to ask.
I'm so glad there will be a happy ending!