Got Scammed on 1st International Transaction Purchase

I hate to say Beware of Seller but I need to do it.
I am new to DB since late April...someone told me it was a good place to buy and sell jewelry. I bought a pair of "old mine cut 14K/platinum diamond cluster screw post earrings" from seller "decodolly" in England. I probably should have found it suspicious that there were no specific details in the description about ANYTHING other than the gold content and the old cut of the diamonds.

Anyway, we went back and forth via emails while I asked a ton of questions about them--specifically I asked about the mm size of the heads, the carat weight, whether there was any damage to the diamonds, and the color and clarity.

This seller told me "the earrings measured 8 to 8.5 mm in diameter"(which as you know would be about the size of a 2.25 ct diamond and would look big on the ears)--AND the diamonds were ".07 - .10" ct each. THISis what I received--earrings with diamonds no larger than .03 - .04 ct AND heads only 6.51 and 6.53 mm. Never would I have paid the price for 1/2 carat diamond earrings that tiny. Anyway, once burned twice shy, won't be back to buy on DB.
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Post Script to the last post...

I attempted to attach the photos of these earrings I took for Paypal--being measured with my digital gauge, at 6.51 and 6.53 mm. but for some reason I keep getting an error message that the pictures are too large.

Long story short, we are now in a Paypal dispute and seller refuses to refund my money. She wouldn't even respond to my message asking her how she wanted to handle the situation--which forced me to have to open a case with Paypal. I would urge buyers to stay away from this one.
I'm sorry this happened to you... There are a ton of lovely sellers and buyers on the Bistro though :0) I do try to buy from within my own country though...It's just easier for me that way.
Thank you for your comment. I am hoping I win my Paypal case. I know exactly what you mean about sticking to sellers in your own country, which is why I have never made an international purchase before this one--I was too wary. I will definitely go back to that practice, after this bad situation is over.
That has happened to me before on ebay...a seller posted a picture of a 2ct diamond and sent a diamond that was indeed 2ct but looked like cracked ice. When I contacted for a return she told me that she doesn't accept returns at all sorry. I contacted paypal and told them what happened so they opened a file/dispute and then she emailed me some time later that day cussing me from one end to another..then another email asking that I just drop the claim, let her get some time to get my money back because her son had brain cancer and my funds went to pay the doctor--I know she made those things up to appeal to my softer side but I have a MPH in hospital admin so I know how payments work especially with children with cancer..I just emailed and said that you sent me something completely different than what you pictured and that in itself is not right and I want a refund and will be sending this back..but best of luck for you and your son--paypal will help you as long as you can prove you sent back the item with tracked shipping....however....I will say that for honest sellers like me and others here on the boards..paypal will freeze and take your money for dishonest buyers ..there was a member here that will on the drop of a dime (after she decides that she has other bills to pay) ask to return something and if you do not immediately respond while at work (like in 10 min) she will open a paypal case against you and send you like 25+ emails ..but in your case you will be okay I am sure of it..hang in there