Getting Married Saturday!!!!


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That is a great idea, to edit them yourself!

You will have a great time Elf!! The joy of Vegas is that it is really hassle free and so many fun things to do and see. And the food... mmmm, all the food!

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oh, then yes, if that $75 includes the cd with the full sized digital copies? totally get that. yes, it's overpriced, but i still think it'll be worth it.

even if their pictures aren't all that great, you can save up and for the holidays/your anniversary/your birthday/etc maybe have someone edit up your favourite of the pictures.
elf925 said:
Thank you so much everyone!!! Alot of you have been with me through some disastrous relationships
Its so nice to finally be in a good one!!

For the $75 they give you a CD of the fifteen photos. I didn't even think about being able to edit them! And yes, we will take lots of our own pictures outside.

We are staying at The Palazzo!! Eeek! We really splurged. I've never stayed at anything above like Best Western level so this will be a real treat

We were going through the stuff we needed and came to the something new,old, borrowed and blue and my future father-in-law came up with a very old blue pen he had! LOL Old borrowed and blue in one! I marring into a great family
You are going to love the Palazzo!! I haven't been to Vegas in years, but all those hotels are just so beautiful!! I'm seriously
happy for you!!! Wish I was going to Vegas!!
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Our wedding bands arrived today!!

Now we are officially all set

We went with good old plain gold, for both of us. We scored Benchmark bands for $153 and $135!

His is 4.5 grams 4mm 1.5mm thick. Mine is 4 grams 2.5mm, 2.5mm thick.
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Wedding was AMAZING!! The hotel was so nice. The people at The Little White Wedding chapel are top notch! We tipped the minister $100.00 and she was worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY and then some!

I literally have never been this happy in my whole life. I will try to do the pic thing tomorrow but putting pics on here is a task! LOL

Thank you so much for all the love and well wishes
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i'm SO THRILLED to hear that all went well, and that you're happy! you've had a rough couple of years, and i'm sooo happy for y'all both!