Getting Married Saturday!!!!


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My big day is Saturday

I'm so excited! We decided that the planning we just too much and too expensive. All of our close family and friends are meeting us in Vegas at The Little White Chapel. We decided since its our wedding and all to splurge and we are staying at The Palazzo, and eating at Thomas Kellar's restaurant, and Mario Batali's, and Bobby Flays and and and.... LOL we are gonna come back married and ten pounds heavier! I even worked in a chocolate budget so maybe twenty pounds for me
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My hubby and I kinda did the same: had a ceremony in Ohio with just the two of us and splurged on our rings and a luxurious mini-honeymoon in Vegas to see Penn and Teller live.

Congrats again, and we'd love to see some pics, at least of your rings!
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So, bad news, we didn't want to pay the chapels 75 dollar fee for 15 pictures, we were just gonna take our own. Well, I found out they allow no photos

What would you guys do? Have your guest sneak a couple then just say oh I'm sorry we won't take anymore we didn't know. Or just find a straw, suck it up, and pay the 75 bucks?!
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Don't miss out on the pic. Find something else to cut. Eat cheap on a meal or two. Remember it is Vegas. You can take 75.00 bet on red and take a chance to get free pics. hahahahaha

Pics are forever.


Congratulations elf this is exciting news! I would pay the $75 too wedding pic's are very important. Don't forget to share with us when you get back pretty please.


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They do not allow pics inside there, so I would pay the fee. But their photog is not very good. But if you want any pics of you saying your vows, you have to pay it. You can take as many pics as you want outside though, under their arch etc, and even inside, signing your paper work.

What I would do is having a proper photographer meet you later in the day for an hour, somewhere nice like the Venetian, and take pics around there.
Congrats!!! How fun and exciting!! I'm happy for you, but a little jealous also..:) Hubby and I originally got married at the courthouse and had no I say go for the pictures and pay the $ will be happy you did!

Have a great time and post pics later if you can!!! Take care!

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pay it, it's worth it! and if they offer a cd with digital copies of the pictures, get that! those can be edited later to pretty them up.

we got married in Vegas - at a different chapel - and the package we bought included 4x6 "proofs" (y'know, watermarked?) copies of all the pictures they took, about 60 or so. and they gave us a full year in which they'd keep the pictures stored and we could order more. yes, they were expensive, so i'd been saving up to buy 8x10s of the ones i liked most, but my husband surprised me with a gorgeous wedding album with copies of most of the pictures, and he bought the cd with the full-sized digital versions.

one of my best friends used to have a roommate who does photo editing and graphic manipulation for a living, for magazines and such, and he fixed up my pictures for me (as thanks for all the housekeeping and babysitting i used to do for him).

anyway. it's worth $75, and if they have an offer where you can get the digital copies (even better if that cost includes them!) do it.

also? congrats, mazel tov, huzzah, and yay! you deserve to be happy

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Thank you so much everyone!!! Alot of you have been with me through some disastrous relationships
Its so nice to finally be in a good one!!

For the $75 they give you a CD of the fifteen photos. I didn't even think about being able to edit them! And yes, we will take lots of our own pictures outside.

We are staying at The Palazzo!! Eeek! We really splurged. I've never stayed at anything above like Best Western level so this will be a real treat

We were going through the stuff we needed and came to the something new,old, borrowed and blue and my future father-in-law came up with a very old blue pen he had! LOL Old borrowed and blue in one! I marring into a great family
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