GCAL tests Diamond Nexus stone


The Pink Orchid
Interesting, and glad to see that a bigger player has finally tackled that company and their product, we know it's CZ, but most of their customers don't!


I also wanted to comment on this part:

"In 2009, the company sued two message boards that made the claim. The disputes were settled out of court, and the posts in question were taken down. "

The message board in question, diamondreview.com, did decide to remove their diamond simulant discussion forum as a result of the legal threat. The other company was a gemology school in Texas, ISG.

However what DNL doesn't state is that they threatened both BetterThanDiamond and our company with a lawsuit. We, however, didn't back down and in fact encouraged them to proceed. BTD was threatened in 2008 or 2009, and our company in 2010. We both sent responses to the DNL lawyers, but that was the last we heard.

Also, its interesting that they would threaten us to for posting the results of numerous independent scientific tests. If the tests were inaccurate, one would think they would go after the laboratory. But no, they want to silence the messenger.
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The Imperial Diamond
People who threaten Less are always in for a surprize when he does not back down. Good to see that you are in that "don't back down" group as well Mike.

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