fyi - Bistro header is mixed up (cache issue with CSS files)...should be resolved on your system within a week


Staff member
Hi all,
We've added a new Takara banner to the bistro site but for the next few days, due to cache update delays, it may show as a much larger than actual's not really designed like that and the proper CSS will roll into your browser over the next week.
i.e. this:

We have to wait for the new CSS files to make their way into everyone's cache unfortunately, so it could be a week and then everyone will have the corrected CSS and thus much smaller banner.

This is the actual design and how it will look for everyone shortly:

It's tricky trying to use cache as while that makes it faster in most cases, for changes it also means the changes take time to show up (cache = use local files and not the server files to load faster) and in this case result in annoyance in the interim. Basically you get the saved CSS but the new banner and thus a mixup...once the new CSS files are used, then it tells it what size the banner should be and you get the correct look.

Anyway, we really didn't design the banner to be annoying as it may look initially :) If you visit on a new browser or incognito window, then that will also show the latest since there is no existing cache.

Best regards,