FTC ruling - a "diamond is a diamond" whether from the ground or from a lab....


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Of interest, we've had a number of immature comments from jewelers on FB (who sell mined diamonds, and post as consumers lol) about our Takara Super Ideal lab diamonds as not being 'real' diamond. But that's both factually false, and legally false as well.

It may be interesting for you as a consumer to know that the FTC in fact ruled last year that:
"A diamond is a diamond no matter whether it is grown in a lab or comes out of the ground."

Thus claiming that lab grown diamonds are "not real" or "fake" is grossly incorrect and simply show an industry threatened by a new and better value for consumers vs the previous monopoly on real diamond.

Here's a Forbes article about it:
What The FTC Diamond Ruling Means For Consumers And Diamond Marketers

and link to our Takara lab diamond FAQ:
Lab Diamonds Facts and FAQ

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