Found old ring belonged to my gran

hello! I'm looking for uour advice on these old rings that belonged to my gran who passed away 3 years ago at 83.
This little box was amongst her other items. Both rings were in it.
One band is hallmarked and looks like its been cut. And the other one has no hallmarks as far as im aware, looks brass with a clear stone. Properly cz.
Whats your thoughts? Junk or hand it into second hand shop. Sorry I've not attempted to clean them yet.
Screenshot_20200706-160904_Facebook.jpg 20200706_155330.jpg 20200706_111042.jpg 20200706_104312.jpg 20200706_104322.jpg Screenshot_20200706-111001_eBay.jpg
Hard to tell. Take them to a jeweler. They can test the stone for diamond vs. cz or other. That stone has a tall crown and short table, and the faceting looks "old" like a transitional cut. The ring with the split is probably gold and it split at the solder joint. You can sell jewelry yourself at and but first you must know what it is that you are selling.
My boyfriend proposed to me. And I have to say that I was very happy. I wondered how much the ring cost. But in the end he told me that he just took a test on this website Engagement Ring Calculator and did as he was told. But I didn't end up finding out the price of the ring. And if I were you, I wouldn't sell Grandma's ring. It's a family heirloom, after all. I would leave it in a prominent place and pass it on from generation to generation. There's a reason my grandmother didn't throw the ring away.
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