Finally stopped lurking...

..and made an account.

Hi! I'm Ella and I love All Things Sparkly.

I've been reading and looking
at all the *gorgeous* photos of your projects and collections over the last, hm, month or so.

I found this forum, DiamondBistro, and The Facet Lounge (still haven't made an account there...) as I was searching for the Perfect lab emerald.

Late to the party for the Avarra and Radiance emeralds...and not really digging Chatham or Geolite's offerings, I recently purchased a 7x7mm cushion cut cultured Colombian emerald from MoissaniteCo set in a very simple pendant. (aaaaand I also got a MBTY necklace because I couldn't resist...).

I've been selling stuff (I call it a pre-estate sale...) I don't wear anymore on Etsy for a while. It helps pay bills and funds my, erm, addiction. Thinking about trying DB as well since I still have a few things I need to sell...

That's about it for me... I hope to add some pictures of stuff at some point soon. Cheers!
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