Favorite Drinks of the BTD Ladies

I'm a Coca Cola addict... I drink diet but I don't love it. I love the original and I can drink a 2 liter of it in a matter of minutes. I was in the hospital with pneumonia when I was 12 mos old and they put it in my bottle. Apparently, they used to believe it was great at thinning mucus. Weird that they would give that to a kid but my mom said that after that I was hooked and would beg for it!
Gin is evil and the only time my children ever saw me stumbling and sick. Perhaps it was some kind of reaction as I had only a couple of drinks. I will drink vodka in just about anything (soda, juices, etc) and it must be kept in the freezer I enjoy rum as well. My favorite is Scotch of the expensive variety. ~Red


BTD Crown Jewel
I am pretty much just a wine drinker; generally red, but a nice dry white will do too. The only mixed drink I *may* drink is rum and coke, but I try to stay away from pop, so that is a real treat.


The Black Orlov
if we're talking adult beverages? Brandy. No contest. It's the only thing I'll drink. Love some good brandy.

if we're talking general beverages? Pu-erh tea. Or sparkling water with lemon.
I don't like sweet drinks, but my fiance' recently just tried this - Whippedcream vodka and orange soda. It tastes like those orange creamsicles. Yum, but after 1 sip I'm done. lol
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