"Fancy white" diamonds?


Does anyone have any info on fancy colored white diamonds? They look milky and opalescent...I wonder if they have any sparkle?



The Florentine Diamond
Fancy Colored White Diamonds

Colorless and near-colorless diamonds are sometimes referred to as "white," in contrast to fancy-color diamonds, but among the fancy colors is a rare appearance described as Fancy White Diamonds.

White diamonds have a perceived color hue resembling snow, refined sugar, or pasteurized whole milk. Such diamonds contain a high concentration of submicroscopic inclusions that scatter light, yielding a translucent "milky" white face-up color. The nature of these inclusions is unknown.

White is the lightest color perception evident to the eye and the mind. White is also known as a neutral (achromatic) color having no saturation yet having a measurable range of lightness.

Popular names for different mixtures of white are cream, ivory, milk, moonstone, opalescent, pearl, salt, snow and sugar.

Fancy white diamonds are diamonds with a milky white color, similar like white moonstone. They contain minute particles which scatter the light, thus leave the stone slightly turbid white.

These diamonds are often called "opalescent" because the dispersion of the stones looks somewhat like the play of color of opals. These diamonds are very rare, as rare as pinks or certain blues, but normally not very attractive and much, much cheaper. The stones are usually very hydrogen rich diamonds (pure type laB).

White diamonds can have a brownish, bluish, yellowish and grayish appearance.
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BTD Crown Jewel
errrgh....i don't think i could ever own one. i'd want to clean it all the time b/c it looks so hazy
although it's supposed to look like that
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I think they're cool looking stones...I want to see how they perform in the light. As in, is there color play like an opal or a moonstone? Any sparkle at all? Or just milky and dull all the time...
honestly, I have never heard of these before...wow. Very interesting! I'm not totally sure if I like them, but cool none the less!


KTR said:

I wonder if this is what Jennifer Aniston's ring is!!!!
I'm not sure...I coincidentally say JA on Chelsea Lately (turned it on RIGHT as she came on and I remembered to check her ring out)...I did see it throw sparkle a few times. But you may be onto something. Even on TV her stone looked milky and almost quartz-like. Under all of those studio lights, it should've been glittering.
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It's kinda cool looking but I don't think I'd want it for my engagement ring. Maybe as a pendant.

I think of Jennifer Aniston as not being that funky as to wear something different and unique. But maybe?

All I know is if people can't tell what you're wearing stone wise, and you're not willing to tell about the stone in even a simple understated way, then the purpose of wearing a unique stone is wasted. I would think you'd be proud and want everyone to know what it is and say "hey, I went non-traditional. It's a quartz, white diamond, whatever". Being opaque looking and "off" compared to a well cut clean diamond (which she certainly could afford) just leaves most of us thinking she got an ugly diamond! And maybe that's why noone asks. They are afraid that it's not a quartz or white diamond as above or some other natural stone and so by asking, the implication is it's not obviously a diamond which she could find insulting.

Could you imagine if JA got a kitty litter diamond? EEEEKKKK!
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I actually really like the fancy whites and had a 4 ct round on my wish list awhile ago for a project I had in mind. If done correctly, they can be beautiful in a piece of jewelry. The whites are not nearly as expensive as a "correct" white diamond because obviously, they're flawed in terms of what a white diamond should look like. I also think it really depends on what color of the fancy white you like. The one I fell in love with was pretty white and really opalescent, and gave off a kind of aurora borealis type of sheen almost, IIRC. I've seen some others that have a yellowish haze or brown look and they're not very nice to look at.

Everyone has something that appeals to them, of course!
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