Fake Celebrity Bling?


Blingaholic said:
borismom said:
iPad is weird with editing, but they are 10+ carats EACH stone... Anyway, they include the CZ pair so the owner can leave the diamonds in the vault.
10+ cts EACH? the poor earlobes that would have to support those earrings. even in CZ they'd be heavy!
And CZs are heavier than diamonds!
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Kim's ring was possibly fake, but she does have the money to buy herself a real diamond ring of that size. The rumor behind the Kim Kardashian ering is that it was a cocktail ring she had bought herself years ago. In fact, she was photographed wearing her supposed "ering" a few years ago, before her publicity stunt marriage was even a twinkle in her glazed over eyes.

Also, it's kind of ridiculous that these celebs are buying huge carat diamonds and then spending thousands and thousands on replicas...when are they ever going to wear the real thing? These people are surrounded by security teams every time they make a public appearance and yet they still don't feel secure enough to wear their "real" pieces. What's the point of spending tons of cash on a huge diamond when you're just going to wear an expensive designer decoy ring most of the time anyway?
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Starla said:
What's the point of spending tons of cash on a huge diamond when you're just going to wear an expensive designer decoy ring most of the time anyway?
My thoughts too. The money could be put to much better use than on baubles that rarely, if ever, see the light of day.

I guess it's a status symbol. *shrug*
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Firefly said:
What's the big deal if celebrities have "fake" rings or not? It's alright if we like sims, but tacky if a celebrity or other rich person does? It's actually very common for people to have replicas made of their very expensive jewelry. Personally I'd rather just go straight to the sim. What's the point of having a beautiful ring that's just going to sit in a safety deposit box somewhere while it's twin sim gets to have all the fun? I'd never feel comfortable wearing that much money, give me the sim any day.
So agree! In an age where a celeb marriage is considered a success if it outlasts milk (said comedienne Rita Rudner who openly wore a gorgeous "fake" necklace because she said she didn't want anything around her neck that was worth more than her head
), who would blow a bundle they may not have tomorrow on a relationship that might not last that long? I've read quite a few are "donations" for the publicity, one of the Donald's rings was supposedly obtained that way, then Harry Winston (I think it was) was rather put out when the marriage only ran a couple of seasons, LOL. The rings also could be borrowed from one of the big guns for say premiers and appearances, then the real thing goes back to store and the sim takes it's place day to day. A $5,000.00 replica. Wow.
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Besides having "fake" rings, I think a lot of the time it's the jeweler who gives "fake" estimates of how much the real rings cost. It's always the same couple of jewelers who are making the rings for the celebs (Harry Winston/Neil Lane), so to keep the competition going, I think they quote crazy prices for the better "WOW" factor, IMO.
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I had a friend of mine design some rings for me. She does a ton of work for Hollywood Stars and TV Shows/Movies etc. She wouldn't tell me exactly who wore fakes and who didn't but I think she eluded to the fact she designed Paris Hilton's fake engagement ring and that this practice goes on all of the time, esp when the ring designer is not mentioned in the publicity photos. Who's to say the Lorraine Schwartz didn't loan KK's ring out too initially? Its all free publicity for them.