Extreme Disappointment and Frustrated at BTD Customer Service and Quality

I am really saddened that I have to post my experience with BTD's quality and service, but I feel like I have no other options and I need some help with the direction to go.

I bought the Timeless Alondra Ring with a 3.0-carat Amora Eternity Super Ideal H&A Round on 10/5/2020. The communication and turnaround were ok/good and could have been better, but my first purchase from them in 2014 was perfect, so I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I got the ring timely and proposed to my now wife.

On April 2022 (10 months ago), prior to our wedding, I also ordered the Alondra Wedding Band and relayed about a warping issue I experienced on the engagement ring. They said I could send in the engagement ring for repair at the same time I placed the order for the band. So I placed the band order on 5/31/2022 and after that, all communication was pretty much non-existent, I didn't even receive an order confirmation email. I have followed up numerous times to see what I needed to do to repair the ring with none of my emails being answered.

Last week, my wife shows me the engagement ring and it has lost integrity in the main stone. To my surprise, one of the prongs is completely bent. In the original repair question email, she specifically mentioned that one prong becoming dislodged or getting knocked sideways is extremely rare. My wife doesn't work with her hands very much if at all and she has repeatedly told me that she did not hit it hard on anything, so she doesn't know how it could have happened.

My question is with BTD always touting their craftsmanship and saying how their cutting edge high-pressure enhanced process causes densification to the metal yielding a finished ring up to 20% harder than normal platinum, HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED?

Can someone please help me with the next steps:
  • Is this normal to happen to a PLATINUM ring?
  • Can this be fixed by a professional Jeweler?
  • Should BTD repair the ring?
  • Do I even trust BTD to be capable to fix the ring?
Any help in providing some answers will help. I am very disappointed because I feel my wife thinks I cheaped out on the ring, I showed her the HPE process, and told her it was platinum, but I don't think she has faith that BTD was being truthful.

Here are the pictures and video of the ring below:

Video of Ring: Dropbox - IMG_1933.MOV - Simplify your life