Something is not right with this company. I placed and order earlier this week, called and confirmed it would be shipped today. However, I woke up to an email saying "Sorry they have over sold" the item.

Strange, since yesterday they were doing their best to try to up sell me over the phone. I called to speak to someone and they hung up on me!

The camera is still for sale on the web site, so I'm not sure what the deal is, but avoid avoid avoid. I went to look up their 800 number, and they aren't even listed.

I'll keep you updated, but what an utter let down and a bunch of jerks!
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I didn't ever get the camera so I didn't loose any money. However my snarky don't mess with this irish woman did contact the New Jersey Office of Consumer Affairs, and I'm now involved with a direct complaint with the state. Rarrrh! Payback!

The company is also tied with Expresscamers.com

So stay away from them!
I'll give you updates as I get them.

My side business is photography, and I really needed a new lens, etc....But no way, it was scamy from teh start!