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Political/religious postings

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Political/religious postings
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Please keep religious and political postings off the boards.

If you feel the need to argue and debate religion or politics, search the web for a board that focuses on that topic and have at it. We ideally want this board to be a place where all people are able to come and relax, and not be bombarded with postings re: religion or politics.

Religion and politics are two topics that are sure to create tension and stress since both tend to be very emotional and involve widely disparate viewpoints.

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Per Cyn:

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And I do not mean all new members, only the select few who have recently started coming here specifically to harass other members and/or post inappropriate remarks to others' threads...these actions will not be tolerated on this board. Such inappropriate posts will be deleted and the user making them will be subject to suspension/banning.

We are a very welcoming, generous group and we'd love to have everyone who wants to become a part of it join us in the fun. But we will neither welcome nor tolerate abusiveness.

Thank you.

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