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Is anyone else getting these? I get this a lot...

Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 2359296) (tried to allocate 311296 bytes) in /home/better/public_html/discussion/scripts/ on line 541
When I've got them I thought it may be because a btd mod was doing something on the thread like editing or something along those lines at that exact moment, so the thread was unaccessible while that was in progress.

I have absolutely no idea how valid that explanation is, but in my mind it works for me and then I don't get frustrated that something weird is going on with my computer! Then magically the problem seems to have gone away a short while later and all is right again in my btd online world.
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Hi all,
These error messages are from the server having trouble allocating memory to serve up your requested pageview.

Basically, I think we've about maxed out our server.

I did a reboot which should help alleviate this for a bit, but I think we're going to have to move to a more powerful server in the near future.

Please post if the issue continues in the interim.

Best regards
I almost hats to suggest it but what about removing non essential (coffee shop, food, health, etc) posts that have been inactive for a year or more. Basically leaving only current posts or ongoing topics in these catagories. Just a thought ~Red

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i dunno, i'd think leaving the posts/threads as they can't use that much memory... i'd be more included to suggest deleting uploaded pictures from threads, etc, that haven't been accessed in X years.

Dana ♥

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RedRocks said:
Dana that probably makes more sense. I forget how much space pictures take~ Red
i just had it on my mind 'cuz i just deleted a bunch of pictures and was kinda astonished at how much space it cleared up
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Received several, fatal error: out of memory, messages this evening while trying to access the forum board. It seemingly happens frequently on picture heavy topics.


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I've only just experienced the dreaded allocation problem in the past couple days.
It was a persistent problem that kept occuring over the course of the day. I wasn't acessing any image-heavy threads, I was attempting to access the main board with the list of forums. It continues to occur sporadically.
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Hi there, it could be the malware clogging up the system too - once that's cleared up see if the same problem keeps happening. If so you'll need to delete old pics etc, but clearing that away first might be enough!