Emerald Cuts

@Angel I was encouraged by that comment too! I am excited to see the video of the Phoenix and hopefully order it this week. My husband would not appreciate me ordering it just to view, so I have to be more or less sure that it’s what I want. ☺️

I love the three stone EC look! I think it would look cleaner without the trillions, but if you love it, then you should do it! Have you seen that ring in person?
I am planning a pretty simple solitaire in satin yellow gold. The basket will probably be like this. I can’t decide between satin or polished finish. I love the look of a satin finish next to sparkly stones, but I wonder if I would eventually prefer the more classic shiny finish. Decisions, decisions! Lol
Did you say you are using a local jeweler for the setting?


I still am debating! Having a hard time deciding. I want to wear it everyday for the rest of my life. Will it last?
Whoa! Are you keeping it?
That thing looks fabulous! Is there any negatives about it in person? I really want one but have been too busy to even consider getting one and setting it at the moment. I hope you love it!
Angel, those August Vintage ECs do look very diamond-like! If they did an elongated modern EC, I bet it would be lovely.
I am glad you pointed out the windmills (or lack of) in a lot of EC moissanite. Now that I see it, I can’t unsee it. Lol And I think you are right, the windmills definitely add to the diamond look and light play.
I don’t necessarily need my ring to “fool” anyone, BUT I fell in love with a diamond step cut like 6 years ago, and have admired them ever since. So I definitely want my moissanite EC to have similar optical properties. Hopefully I will love it the same or better in moissanite!
I did check out schubach’s ECs, and they look very pretty. http://instagr.am/p/BeLZSN2j6OV/ It’s too bad that they require you to buy a setting as well. I reached out to them to inquire about price for a custom solitaire, but I have a feeling it will be out of my price range. They do a great job on their settings but I definitely want to stick to my budget. ☺️
It’s awesome to “meet” some other people who are on a similar hunt as I am. I will let you know if I come across any new info!

Super late to the party, but I am the owner of that very ring. It was my 40th birthday present!

I can attest having compared it side by side with a diamond of similar size that it holds its own. The windmills were the reason why I went with this stone, the others just don't look right to my eye.

I know Schubachs can be expensive, but they were worth the extra $ for me.
I have an Emerald cut moissanite ring My sister gifted me this ring and I love my ring so much, my sister got this ring from Bravermanjewelry If you want to buy you can go through the website and check lots of rings.
I have an Emerald cut diamond ring. I got this ring from an online jewelry shop. The difference which I found visually between a diamond and a moissanite is that a moissanite is more refractive than a diamond. This means that they are visually more brilliant and will give off more sparkle than a diamond. I will plan to have an Emerald cut moissanite ring future.