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I just got the info from one cutter - their emerald is very similar to our Krupps cut (almost looks like they copied us actually!).

Pricing is about half the pricing of the Amora Krupps, though I can tell from the photos that the polish isn't as good and the facet angles aren't as optimal. From the one video, it doesn't have as much fire like the Amora Krupps (which may not be bad, depending). So it looks 'good' but not 'great' imo. It does look way better than the Forever One Moissanite emerald though.

Their photos they sent have watermarks all over it so I've asked them to send them without all the stuff on it so we can actually see it without looking through all the watermarks.

Here's sizing and pricing - (carat weight is estimated, have to get some here and grade for exact).

New Moissy Emerald/Krupps
mm carat Colorless Near colorless
11x9 4ct $1164.8 $990.08
10x8 3.5ct $873.6 $741.44
9x7 2.5ct $582.4 $ 495.04
8x6 1.75ct $364 $309.12
7x5 1.25ct $218.4 $184.8
6x4 .8ct $145.6 $123.2

More info next week!
Less thank you so much! I’m so excited to see the pictures! So I’m guessing these are their standard sizes or do they customize? The price is really nice as long as the quality is good too. I’m still going to shoot you an email about viewing an Amora. I’ve just been busy the past few days. Thanks again! Can’t wait to hear back next week! Have a great weekend !
Sorry I notice that you didn’t say you’d actually share the pictures but hopefully you will! I am really curious to see. If the cut is similar to the Amora then I’m sure it is beautiful. Windmills, crisp cut, and a higher crown are the things I’m hoping for.
Hi y’all! So I just discovered Diamelia Moissanite. They have an emerald cut but can’t find any real photos. From the photo on their website it doesn’t appear to have windmills. Anybody know anything about this brand?
@Angel , I have heard a little about this brand on and off, but there's not enough information to go on.

Less @talk-admin , is there an email address or other ways to contact you regarding your offer to review the Krupp? I used the contact form last week but did not receive any notifications.
Wow this thread has really helped me!
Angel, your research is very detailed and I thank you! I was wondering if you have looked into the NEO moissanite for ECs? A vendor is recommending them to me due to their higher crown, but the videos I see on insta just seem kind of okay. Any insight there?
I used to want a Krupp’s 100%, but I have a 2k max limit for my new wedding set, so the cost might be an issue. (What I want is very plain and easy to find, so that helps.) I also have problems with the krupp’s chubbier dimensions and I need some close up “real life” amora Krupp’s images to get a better feel for performance. The professional videos and images are cool, but they really don’t help me ge a feel for the stone in real life. When you add in the inventory issues with the Krupps (I have an August 2018 deadline), I am not sure the amora will work for me in this situation.
I will say that I have seen a few consumers post their Krupp’s online, and they insist it is extremely diamond like, and their pictures are good. It’s so hard!
I am actually interested in the Phoenix ECs if those become available. I think the forever one ECs can look really pretty on Instagram, but the flat table and quality control issues are a problem for me.
I appreciate your help!
@Lizzrd02 thank you so much! I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time on my search haha and still I’m uncertain. The only things I know for sure is that I do want a higher crown and windmills. Those are the prettiest most diamond like in my opinion. I looked into the neo at one point in time. They do have a slightly more elevated crown than the F1 but not what I’d consider a “high” crown and no windmills. I actually have a moissaniteco brand EC. And when I ordered it I asked a lot of questions about their stones and they told me that their brand actually came from the same manufacturer as the neo. It is prettier than the forever 1 EC that I had but still not really what I want (I’m trying to sell it).... so as of right now to me the most diamond like is the Amora Krupp’s or AugustVintage Krupp’s BUT both are chunkier which I don’t really like. But their cut and light play is most def way better and most diamond like in my opinion. I’ve only seen videos and pics online though. AugustVintage just told me this week that they have plans for a more elongated EC so I am currently watching for his email with the details. I’ll let you know.
And I never heard anything back from Less about the Phoenix Moissanites so not sure if the report wasn’t good at the grading lab on those. Here is AugustVintage Krupp’s
http://instagr.am/p/BhH0wNuBl6q/ I think there are a few more on his insta. Again I would not buy the chunky one like this but the crispness, light play, and just overall cut is of a higher quality that regular moissanite in my opinion. So I am hopeful since they are making an elongated one. Other brands that I like next would be JYB and Schubach but you have to buy the whole setting from Schubach so that puts them out for me personally.
As you can see in this photo JYB has a lovely high crown. Jules is super sweet and helpful too. If I didn’t go with AugustVintage or Amora Krupp’s then I’d probably go with her. Her stone is also much more affordable. $460 for like an 8x6 or 8x5.5 I believe. The other two I mentioned I think will most likely end up being anywhere from 800-1000 or more for around the same size.
Angel, those August Vintage ECs do look very diamond-like! If they did an elongated modern EC, I bet it would be lovely.
I am glad you pointed out the windmills (or lack of) in a lot of EC moissanite. Now that I see it, I can’t unsee it. Lol And I think you are right, the windmills definitely add to the diamond look and light play.
I don’t necessarily need my ring to “fool” anyone, BUT I fell in love with a diamond step cut like 6 years ago, and have admired them ever since. So I definitely want my moissanite EC to have similar optical properties. Hopefully I will love it the same or better in moissanite!
I did check out schubach’s ECs, and they look very pretty. http://instagr.am/p/BeLZSN2j6OV/ It’s too bad that they require you to buy a setting as well. I reached out to them to inquire about price for a custom solitaire, but I have a feeling it will be out of my price range. They do a great job on their settings but I definitely want to stick to my budget. ☺️
It’s awesome to “meet” some other people who are on a similar hunt as I am. I will let you know if I come across any new info!
@Lizzrd02 i am wondering the same thing about pricing on the Amora Krupps! Maybe @talk-admin could help us with this?... I know the decision is so hard! I’ve been reading a lot about the Amora and I think it is true that it is the best of the best. Something important to me is the crispness of the stone and this is why I particularly like EC diamonds and from what I read on the Amora the facets are really crisp bc of the nano polisher used.
Why Amora Gem?
That insta photo of the Amora is actually someone I’ve been talking to on there about her Amora (it’s hard to find anyone with one online to see real photos) so I befriended her....hers is about the same size that I’d want. It’s gorgeous! I’m like you, I’m not trying to pass my stone off as a diamond but I just like the optical properties of EC diamonds.... did Less ever post the video of the Phoenix EC? I don’t want to miss that because I am very curious about those also. The price is great on them and I’m pretty sure you can order to view and return it if you aren’t happy.
On another note AugustVintage sent me an initial email about the plans for a more elongated EC. It was just basically a comp generated image of their current cut more stretched out so nothing specific. I asked about pricing and estimated availability but haven’t heard back. He posted this video today of the current chunkier cut that they offer. It is so freaking gorgeous!
@Lizzrd02 and yes that is JYB’s EC! Isn’t it gorgeous! I think she’s going to be the best bet for a more elongated EC. Well that or the Phoenix. Really I don’t think you can go wrong with any of these options we have been discussing. Amora, AugustVintage, Schubach, Phoenix, and JYB ENV are all my top contenders. I say Phoenix without seeing it only because I trust Less’s opinion and he’s been really involved in this discussion.
I think Less is going to post the Phoenix EC video on Monday. It sounds promising!
I agree that the AG is the crispest of the various ECs. It definitely has that diamond like quality IMO. I think if it were cut in a more modern EC pattern, my decision would be made. It really is gorgeous!
The August Vintage stone is so pretty but if I read the website correctly, a stone in my size would be like $1200 (can’t remember exactly). I also don’t love the facet pattern under the table of the AV stone. Just my preference though!
I think it may come down to price in my situation. This will replace my original wedding set and I am just so thrilled to have the opportunity to do it. I don’t want to mess it up. Lol
Yes, those are my current favorites as well!
It has been such a help to read everyone’s responses. I can tell Less absolutely cares about providing excellent stones and I would love to order from BTD since I have been stalking them on and off for years. ☺️
Yes AugustVintage is more than I can afford too. I don’t like that current cut either and honestly even in the elongated model he sent me the corners are too clipped for my liking. Even with the Amora Krupps not being rectangle enough for my liking I am considering it depending on price. Then my next contenders are the Phoenix or JYB ENV. I think the Phoenix will be cheaper but if it doesn’t have as high of a crown as the ENV then I may not go that route. We just going to narrow this on down together haha I’m so ready just to make a decision and be done with it I’ve seriously been going back and forth about this for about 3 years. I want a 3 stone EC ring so another thing with the Amora is that only my center stone would be Amora and sides would have to be something else bc the Amora isn’t cut in such small sizes and because I’m being so OCD about this , then that is kind of a problem to me ‍♀️
Haha I feel like we are getting somewhere!
I totally get you on the three stone matching thing. The ring on instagram with the AG center/Moissanite side stones really does look great, but sometimes it’s a “mind clean” thing, like you said.
I think those of us with a fixation on tiny sparkly things tend to have a wee bit of OCD tendencies too.
I wonder if the Phoenix ECs would be nice for the side stones? At that size, perhaps you wouldn’t notice any difference and it sounds like the cut is a bit Krupp like.
@blushfiend I went back and reread this thread and wanted to thank you also for your in-depth responses. It’s so helpful that you have seen a number of larger diamonds as a frame of reference. Your “confused asscher” comment made me laugh! I have the same concerns about too much fire as well.
What kind of ring are you planning when you find your perfect EC?
@Lizzrd02 yes I’m sure it won’t even be that noticeable once it’s all set and done but I think it is a mind thing lol... I asked the girl on Instagram if it bothered her having different side stones (they are F1 I believe) She basically said at first she thought it would but unless you were really concentrated on it you’d never notice the differences in cut and color which makes sense bc the sides are smaller and not the center of attention. I think the Phoenix would be a better option for the sides vs any of the other brands since they would at least have a similar cut. We will just keep our fingers crossed for the Phoenix all around. What Less said today about the Phoenix could be compared to a regular diamond and the AG is to a spectacular diamond was encouraging to me since I’d just like any diamond like EC haha just for eye candy this is my dreammmm ring. Still kind of uncertain about the trillion sides.