Emerald cut w/bags by David Klass


BTD Crown Jewel
Olivejuice said:
Here is my new DK ring

11.5 x 7.5 Emerald cut moissanite & moissanite bags, white gold.
Sorry for some blur, step cuts are so hard to photograph.

That is a stunning ring. So classic and elegant.
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Thanks Spynena007. I had other pictures on the post but I'm not sure what happened to them. I know they have to be uploaded differently in this section of the forum. Let me see if I can do that...sigh...
Wow! Your ring looks amazing! I would love to see other pictures of your ring, because I'm in love with the Emerald cut Moissanite!
I'm thinking about getting an 11x9mm Emerald cut Moissanite with tapered Baguettes. I'm not sure if I should get two or four baguette side stones in total. How many Moissanite baguette side stones are there on the each side of your ring?
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