Emerald cut help

Hi! I'm looking for an emerald cut (9x7ish-h/j/k) to make a new engagement ring. Wink doesn't have one that size left. I want as realistic as possible...I think there are some H As has & I found a 9x7, H at Liz C's. If there is a less expensive option, I'd rather not pay the Asha premium unless it's clearly a more realistic stone.

Any thoughts or other sources for a realistic looking EC?

Thanks so much!!
Thanks- those are beautiful but pricey! I was mistaken in thinking there are some Asha, there aren't any. Ive been out of the loop so long that I don't know who has decent cz's anymore that are hand cut. Any popular names out there?

Dana ♥

The Centenary Diamond
here's an old, craptastic photo of another rectangular Asscher ChrisCZ (11x9~ish?) that i put into a setting meant for an oval: