Embarassing love life question....

That's great, Jamie! I'll work on the health and exercising part with you...I had a baby last fall and I'm still SUPER lazy and don't want to exercise AT ALL!

Jcent...that explains all the pictures of your beauties in the RV
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lol, yes, that is why. We still get to be out in nature, but I have my own toilet, a queen size bed, a stove and microwave, a TV and sometimes wifi, lol. DH laughs and says I am NOT camping, but I disagree. The shower is very small, lol.

eta: yes, we are expecting. Due Aug 10th
Thank you!
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Thank you! I went camping in yosemite a few months ago (once with the baby and once without) and let me tell you...I was wishing for a RV! I'm not against regular camping, but only under optimum temperatures. It was FREEZING there! When we brought the baby we were in a cabin. lol

Congrats Jcent!!! Can't wait to hear the pregnancy updates
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Just thought I'd update this thread since people asked me to update ....though I am very late in doing so...a year and 3 months late actually....

Here's what happened: I told my friend about my feelings a couple of days after I posted this and it started an argument (yes, an argument!) It seems that this guy had had a couple very bad relationships in the past and was really really gun shy about starting another. He was afraid that if we were to get romantically involved and it didn't work out that we would lose our good friendship. So, we decided to stay friends and stay in contact, which we did.

Fast forward to about 8 months later. I was making plans to go back to the area where he lives for vacation and we started making some plans regarding getting together and doing a few things while I was visiting his area. As we continued talking he began telling me things about his life that he admits that he had not even told his closest friend and our calls became a bit more frequent than usual. I spent about 9 days out of my 14 day visit with this man and we had a wonderful time (though I felt as if I might be getting some mixed signals from him). We met for breakfast on the day that I was leaving for home and....this guy tells me that he love me! Now, I'M the one who doesn't know what to do about this! lol

We've been in contact almost every night since I returned home, but we haven't brought up the "L" word again. I am planning to move to his area next year to start a business so I feel the best thing to do is to just follow his lead and see where things go and let him decide how fast and far to go. Does this sound like a good plan?

I swear, I am so out of touch on the romance thing! lol
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One more update: We're going to be looking for rings soon! Thanks everyone for the encouragement! I felt that if I just stuck in there that things would work out they way they should...they just happened to work out in my favor!

BTW, though I love Asha..I think we'll be going with an Amora until the Amora Gems are for sale in the US...unless I can get a Native American jeweler order one for me. I'm Native American, but don't live on as reservation and neither do any of my relatives
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Oh, I'm so glad to hear this! I'd definitely look in to having a Native American Jeweler order an AG for you if you also plan on having the ring made by them.

Thank you for remembering to update us on how things are going for you, it's been amazing to follow along!
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I remember this story also. I'm so happy that everything worked out well
Can't wait to see your ring and, of course, congratulations!
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HI! Bumping this topic one more time....boyfriend proposed officially on Thursday so we are officially engaged! No date set yet, we're opening a business first (we're an older couple..no rush). Anyway, we didn't get the exact ring that I wanted, but we got a pretty ring with an OEC Asha as a placeholder. I did see an Amora with specs that I wanted, but it sold out from under me
lol So we are on the prowl waiting for the next perfect Amora to surface!
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Aw this was a great thread to read. I know had I read somewhere you recently had gotten engaged so learning the backstory made it sweeter. I wish I could have helped you sooner maybe you would have gotten your choice Amora but I only learned about that stuff recently myself ^^;
A big congratulations to you Jaime on the engagement! Thanks for the updates, I love a good story where the heroine gets the guy in the end.
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