emailahshea stole my money

I sent payment on November 23, 2012. I sent it via a gift to save her on fees (REALLY stupid I guess) and she won't answer me. I have emailed her directly numerous times and via the bistro numerous times and no response at all.

Do not trust Ahshea K. B.
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I also want to add to this thread that I received a private message from another member that was also scammed by Ahshea K. B. - she actually purchased THE SAME DANG RING!!

Diamond Bistro member emailahshea scammed two people off the same ring!

What a complete Jerk!
yikes! Was it, per chance, an amethyst ring? *trying to think* the name seems familiar from seeing some listings (or a listing) with that name? ETA: just looked on DB and it IS an amethyst ring that she has listed (oops and a diamond ring that is marked sold)

As far as paying thru paypal using the personal option - then I use (when buying) or have buyers use the "payment owed" (not gift) I do this all the time
for buying and selling, so that part isn't unusual, BUT not answering - not shipping the item - not refunding the money - that's downright CRAPPY.
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For the payment owed, yes you can file (well, at least you USED to be able to) not sure about the gift option as I've never used it or had anyone use it? When I use or have some use the payment owed - in the subject line I put/have them put what it is they're buying - also in the comments section, so there's proof to paypal what the transaction was for. Hope that helps
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1st - CRAP - thank you for posting about this - I almost bought that amy ring! ahh...and, I have been visiting it often! oh dear - I got a message from the seller too asking if I got their message - luckily, I had not and my jets had cooled enough - because I may have gotten impulsive (it was one of those messages that didn't forward to my email from the Bistro). Oh my gosh. I bet if you write asking about the other ring - using another email - you will get a response!

*I didn't know that if I chose the payment owed option in personal payments that I was more protected if I use the payment owed option - I will do that next time ***will I still be able to pay the fee so that the receiver doesn't get a fee? - I only do that for folks with feedback though and I appreciate it when I receive payments that way due to all the fees involved.
CherokeeGirl said:
by the way - that listing for the purple ring she is selling - it reads that she purchased it here on the Bistro - any truth to that?
I think so as I vaguely remember seeing it listed awhile back and the pics were MUCH better (think she's using two of the original lister's pics right now)
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I could be wrong, but why would PP protect you if they can't collect fees IE; for payment owed? My guess is you would be on your own with that. I would suggest not using it to pay unless you know the seller very well.
I think according to Newbielady - if we chose the payment owed versus gift in the personal tab area - we are still protected - and she said to write in the payment what it is for etc. :0)


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Hi not to be argumentative, but I think that is incorrect.I would only use this method with someone you know and trust.

By using "Payment Owed" mode in paypal:
you eliminate the fees i.e. seller gets the full amount without deductions: this is the best part
you forfeit your buyer's protection i.e. you cannot force a refund or file a dispute: the bad news
your confirmed address will be sent to the buyer (doesn't supports buyer anonymity) even though it's a personal payment (fees for services, items etc)Unless the other party is personally known to you, do not opt for this method. It's a favorite among PP e-currency exchange scammers and dishonest online merchants.
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When I send a personal payment it doesn't include shipping addy - I need to send that separately - but I agree - I only use that for known board members etc. :0) *prob right that there is no buyer protection.